Saturday, September 24, 2011


today was the craft fair in washington. my mother my sisters all there kids my bro in law and i all went. we all went in seperate cars because we could by no means fit everyone in one. also we went in differnt ones just in case mom and i wanted to leave earlier than everyone else and because my sister honor wanted to go to a bunch of different stores in town as well as the craft fair. anyway it was a wonderful day for the craft fair. it was nice and sunny and pretty warm. normaly it is quite cool when they do the craft fair every year and usualy a little drizzles of rain here and there. today though was perfect weather for it. we walked all up and down the streets that held the boothes and stopped at nearly every one. the first thing i bought was a bar of scented soap for dad. it is woodsy scent and it is supposed to be really gentle on the skin and make it smoother. it was a homemade thing as well and i had to get it for dad for his christmas. after buying that we all walked down farther and then a casualy looked at the booth of homemade pens and letter openers and i saw right off the bat this wonderful pen i had to have. i talked to the people and they told me its refillable and showed me how to open it and told me what ink pen refils it takes. it cost me 26 dollars because of the 2 dollar tax added. i assume they have a buisness somewhere in the state that they sell those in and so they have to charge tax. the pen was the most expensive thing i bought but i couldn't help it i love is orange but has some white in it and the stuff holding it all together is gold colored and swirled. since i can refill it i can keep the pen forever. we walked on and there was this booth with smelling crystal potpourri. you could smell the stuff all up and down the hole area they had the craft fair. it smelled so good and they had so many different bro in law and sister honor gave my sister toni some last year for christmas. surprisingly those crystals keep smelling for many many months. my sister toni had them for around 6 months and they still smelled. everytime we went in to her house you could smell them. anyway my nephew jacobus is really into scented stuff and has a sufisticated nose on smells. i swear he should go into the buisness of making scented body products such as perfume, soap, body spray,body wash,lotion. deoderant, shampoo. i honestly think he would be one of those people that the manufacturers of such things would love. i can see him being able to mix and match and make great scents for them becuase his nose would be able to tell how good or bad it smelled. anyway he started smelling them and he asked his mom to buy more for the house but she didnt do it. she really didnt buy anything but she and the kids had fun going. anyway after there we went to where they had the farmers market and i walked around and i saw a bought a jar of pumpkin butter. i get that every year from the craft fair. it is to die for and you never know what seller will have it. usually a few sellers have it. i honestly love pumpkin butter. its much like apple butter just made from pumpkins. its easyer to find this time of year because more stores sell baking pumpkins and pumpkin pie filling than other times of year. after that we walked on more. my mother decided to buy a bunch of cookies and we all had some. they were good. we walked on down another road and saw some very nice homemade beaded jwelery. mom bought a bracelet for scarlet and toni bought one for abi. we finaly went to a store called me and mommy again and had the kids play in there little area for kids to play while we shoped around. nicky had a poop explosion in his diaper and threw up a little on his daddy. he has a sensitive tummy and i think the cookie might of upset it plus my nephew jacobus when he was pushing the stroller was weeveing it around and stuff. so that could of upset nickys tummy to. i went upstairs to where the kids toys are becuase i needed to shop for nickys christmas. with the help of my eldest neice and mom i found some cute toys for him. one is one of those pull around toy phones thats eyes move when you pull him and you can twirl its dial and it dings. i thought it was so cute. then i found this little toy guitar that the kid puts his hand in an area and it plays music till he removes his hand. honor already has one like it but its very girly since she got it for scarlet. this one was blue and red so it was perfect for a boy. unfortunatly it does not have an on off switch. helen saw this little ball and bat thing for toddlers. its got a tiny bat and the ball is like on a tee ball base which is on a base you would see if running bases and they would put there foot on and be safe. anyway the way the ball is that you hit it with the bat it twirls around and talks to the kid and makes music. it is so cute. it has an on off switch thankfully. for all these toys i paid less than 10 dollars which is really good. once we all left there we went to a restaurant called culens. no it was not named that becuase of the twighlight stuff it has been there a long time. it has probably been there since before i was born. they have such good food. one of my favorite things of theres is there deep friend dill pickles. we all enjoyed our meals but scarlet wanted to get up and move around a lot and so did nicky. what can you expect hes 9 months she 2 and 9 months. i mean they are still pretty little. after that my mom and i left we went to walmart along the way and exchanges something she bought at a walmart in town and got something else. once home a while i learned how to open up the pen and i saw what kind of pen refill it needs. its not the slandered ball point refill. i searched for the type it needs online and found them on amazon. after a while toni came over she had just goten back from washington. she had bought some creme pies for dad from a deli/ bakery. he ate one and loved it. he will eat the other one tomorrow sometime. tommrrow moand i and the family are going to go to some wolf event somewhere. we will learn about wolves and there will be activities for children. it will cost 20 a car but im not really sure what all goes on with this. all i know is it funds research and support for wild wolves. should be nice tomorrow though and today as described was a wonderful day

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