Friday, January 8, 2010


my nephew got out of the hospital the other night. we saw him today he is doing well. he is sore but that is to be expected. i found out about a site that sells used book it has the book the healer which i left a review for on here on it. the site is
i know it is for the u.s.a but not sure if its for anywhere else. its a good way to get books though. buying used books that people didnt want anymore in a nice way to recycle things. selling used books that are in good conditon is a great way of recycling things as well.
in other news we have alot of snow here so much i couldnt go to my doctors apointment yesterday we had to reschedule it. i think they got that with alot of people. anyway have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. loads of snow and ice over here in Scotland as well, have had to stay indoors for nearly a week and now my pipes are frozen, so no water. Strating to smell..........

  2. well our pipes arent frozen so we still got water. hope your pipes un freeze