Tuesday, September 27, 2011


our cat violet is 16 years old. we know she has cancer becuase she has lumps in her tummy and there getting bigger and she has more than she used to. she is slowly shutting down now. she is not eating barely moveing and she pants alot. my mom called the vets and asked if they could give violet anything to make her more comfortable for the last days of her life. we dont really want to put her down we want her to go naturally and she is going through the signs of going naturally just she seems in a bit of pain. we dont want that of corse we want her to go in comfort. we want her to be able to go here in the house where she was born and has barely ever left. itll be sad when shes gone ill admit that. i love the old girl a lot. ill miss her but she has to go sometime. i know shell go to heaven and be happy with her momma kiki and other pets we've had and my grandparents. they will all embrace her with open arms and take good care of her. im just gonna miss the old girl when she goes after all shes family and iv had her since just before i was 10. i just want her to be comfortable while she is going through the process of moving on. so mom will take her to the vet in the morning and see if they can give her any meds for that. i hope so becuase we want her to go naturally.

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