Saturday, July 24, 2010


do any of you like makeing pictures with paint shop pro or whatever else? if you guy know how i was hopeing you could make me a would be of the charecters in interview with the you could search of images of them that were from the movie and take those images and make a new you could cut out the charecter from the background and put them in something and do something with the picture to make it look hopeing you could do some of multiple charecters in it.if you could do this and send in a coment the link to the blog its on ill save it or download it and save it.i might even post the pictures on here for everyone to see it who follows me.well thats if you would allow that.tell other people you know about me asking you to do this.maybe they would be interested in doing mom has a blog about paintshop pro stuff and if you make it and make a tutorial i could probably get her to put it up on her blog if you wanted me to.a tutorial is something that teaches you how to make the picture or one similar to it for those of you who dont know that.i know since my mom does it your asking why i dont have her make one up.well she always asks me what pictures to use and junk when its something for prefer to be surprised by how it looks.if i have her do it ill have to pick out the pictures and tell her how i want them positioned and the background i want.and how i want them to look like faded or what.i dont want to do that i want it to be a if one of you or more than one of you would do this id love it

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