Wednesday, January 4, 2012


well a couple of days ago i went with both my sisters and my sister tonis three children to washington. we wanted to go to some resale shops and none of them were open in town. we went to this shop called that shop around the corner first. there helen (toni's oldest daughter who is a junior in highschool) found a bunch of nice prom dress's. she got money for her christmas but she doesnt have enough to buy a new one and her mom could never afford a new one so she saw all these there and started trying them on. she got over over 10 differnt dress's and took them to the dressing room. i stood outside with the cart because it had more in it and she could only take so many in at a time. there were a few that did not fit her, then a couple that once on you saw strings so those were a no, then there were some that were really dirty at the bottom. eventually she found two dress's that looked beautiful on her. one is a green floor length dress that is strappless that has a curved bit of extra cloth that goes to her hip.yes it is a little plain but its nice. she bought it and it only cost 12 dollars. my sister knows a women who tailors cloths. she is gonna take the dress up to her and have a little bit done to it. she is gonna have something put on the hip thatll poof out and make the dress have some sparkly stuff on it and make the skirt part poof out more. my sister thinks that wont even cost 50 dollars becuase she knows a woman who bought a plain white dress and had this lady turn it into a fancy wedding dress and it only cost 200. seeing since this wont be a whole lot done to this it wont cost to much and toni said shed pay that amount. im sure itll look wonderful when it is done. the second dress is a spaghetti strap black dress with gray shiny things on the top around the bust. it is floor length as well and it cost 9 dollars so she also bought it for a backup plan or for a homecoming dance. it looks really nice as well. i enjoyed being there and seeing her in all the different dress's and helping her choose. my nephew jacobus bought a tank to put a frog in and abi bought a book. my sister honor bought a few clothes that looked good and fit her then toni bought some clothes for herself to. i did not buy anything. after we were done we went to goodwill. toni took jacobus and abi while helen honor and i were at goodwill to petco. jacobus was going to get himself a frog for the tank. anyway honor found a bunch of work books for her daughter scarlet and she found some clothes and a microwave that she bought.helen found a little heart shaped candle holder, a candle that looked like a white rose and a cute stuffed dog. she bought all those for her mom for valentines day. i think they are cute and she only spent 3 dollars and some odd cents. toni when she did get there did not buy anything and i did not buy anything ether. after that we headed home. it was a nice day out. yesterday jacobus and abi were here for a long time. they played a game and they watched dolphin tale with us and we played some video poker on a computer game i have. obviously you dont have to pay any money to play the game if you loose. they actualy enjoyed it and got to figure out a little how you play poker. then we would of played just dance on the wii and the wii broke. so that didnt work but we were able to get the disk out. so yesterday was a very good day though uneventful. the kids have started school back up again so that causes a little anxiety because im worried about the bus driver stuff. anyway iv been doing pretty good thankfuly.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear scarlet happy birthday to you.

thats right my littlest neice turned 3 today. sheesh i cant believe she is so big and her little brother just turned one two days ago. they grow to fast i tell you. anyway we had there little party here today. being it is sunday normally the family comes over anyhow. we had grandpa lex over as well when we did the little party. the cake was so cute and we got scarlet to blow her candle out but we had to blow nickys out becuase he couldnt do that at his age. my dad let scarlet lick the iceing off the bottom of the candle but she ended up biteing a chunk off the candle. it was so funny but dont worry dad took the chunk of candle out of her mouth before she could eat it. thats what you get for giveing a 3 year a candle with iceing on it. there obviously gonna think candy eat it. anyway they all had cake and liked it then we did presents. scarlet and nicky needed help opening them but they liked it. nicky got a little over whelmed. he didnt understand the excitement and when he reached in the gift bag i gave him with his stuff from me the first two things he grabbed he didnt want to put down. we still had more for him because mom had stuff for him and honor brought stuff over for them to unwrap here that she had got them. honor is there mother. then my sister toni also had gotten them stuff to unwrap but for nicky being 1 it was quite overwhelming. anyway scarlet loved opening up the stuff but she needed help. the one thing she loved the most was all the dress up clothes mom gave her in a box. she even had some dress up shoes and she had to put them on quick. she put on a costume and became a puppy dog with high heeled dress up shoes and a dress up boa on. so yeah she was a fancy puppy. nicky got this ride on or walk with train that made music and did a few other activity things on the side of it. he had to walk all over with it. he totally loved it but he kept wineing off and on. he was tired and a little over whelmed. still was a nice day and it was cute to see how excited they got out of those toys. hope you all have a merry christmas

Friday, December 16, 2011

12/16/11 part 2

well my sister went up to the school and talked to the principal. unfortunately she had to talk to her on the phone. some reason the principal was not at the school and she had to talk to her on the phone. the principal says something will be done about it but toni does not think it will without her pressing the issue. she also found out by the principal that kids have actually reported to the prinicpal about the bus driver doing what shes been doing. that the principal let the bus driver manger know and somehow it go to the bus driver and those kids who told got in trouble and had to sit up front and got a bus ticket which means wrote up by the bus driver. these are not my sisters kids who this happened to but other children haveing issues with the bus driver. this is fucking ridiculous this bus driver needs her ass fired for what shes doing. she is bullying the kids and thats not right. if she isnt straightened up she will not just be getting in the kids faces she will be hitting them to. im sorry im about read to go to the bus stop with my sisters kids in the morning and when it pulls up get in front of all the kids and inform the woman who i am. then tell her if she messes with my nieces and nephew anymore she will be finding herself in the hospital and be paying some big time hospital bills. of corse if i did that id be arrested but still the woman shouldnt do that shit to any kid. i would love to knock her ass out. some people really deserve to get there ass's kicked.


happy birthday dear nicky happy birthday to you.

yep my littest nephew just turned 1 today. he is the youngest of all my nieces and nephews. boy they grow fast. in two more days his big sister scarlet turns 3. i can barely believe there as big as they are. the fact nicky is walking and trying to talk to is another thing showing how fast they grown. i love all the kids and i love seeing them grow up and i love trying to be good influence in there lives but i just can hardly believe that they are all as old as they are. i mean my oldest neice is 16 and her little brother whose my oldest nephew is turning 15. i see those two and i know its not to long before there all grown up and gone. theyll be going to college living by themselves staring families. man times flies by. do you guys know that song that says it wont be like this for long one day theyll be all grown up and gone. this faze is gonna fly by so try to hold on cuse it wont be like this for long. that is totaly the truth the fazes they go through fly by and the days fly by and before you know it there almost all grown up. nothing stays the same for long. on other news my neice who hates needles actually gave blood yesterday. she usualy has to be held down to get a show but not this time. she actualy got it done and had no problems. she is going to be saveing lives with the blood she gave. im proud of her. shes maturing so fast and is able to do stuff she never could before. anyway i hope you all have a merry christmas

Thursday, December 15, 2011


my sister is going to have to have a yelling fit with the school her kids go to. you see earlyer this week a bus driver on the bus her kids go to got up in her sons face yelling at him. he had brought a fishing pole on the bus becuase he had to show it and talk about it in some class hes in. the bus driver wanted him to lay it down on the floor in front of the seat. the problem is if he did that people who got in the seat would step on it and break it. he had it in his backpack took apart and didnt have any hooks or anything so he figuered it be no big deal to hold it. so he did and the bus driver literly stopped the bus and got up and got in his face and yelled at him for not doing as she had told him to. he smarted off and said if i do what you said itll get broke! do you wangt to pay 60 dollars for a new fishing pole? she literly was so close up to his face that there noses were a few millimeters from touching. she was yelling at him and cuseing at him and when another kid told her to stop which happened to be his little sister she yelled at her. she eventualy did stop and went back to driveing but yeah my nephew and both his sisters plus a few other students reported this incident to the vice principal and nothing was done. all my sisters kids told there mom and she is going tomorrow and gonna yell about it. another problem with this bus driver is she is picking on toni's kids. see her daughter rides the same bus and her daughter dose not like helen and has been telling lies. her daughter will get up in helen or abi's or jacobus's faces and curse them out and the bus driver does nothing. if one of them even says one curse word back she tells the bus driver and the buss driver yells and screams and has wrote up the kids before. toni has tried to get a hold of the manager of the bus people but he never calls her back. so now she is gonna go to the principal and bitch. the bus driver does not like jacobus anyhow jacobus is one of those kids who likes to agrivate by telling anoying jokes or mokeing people. he also is a hyper kid so yeah hes been in trouble because of that stuff by the bus driver with just cause. he also has been with teachers in his school. so it just seems the bus driver already had an ax to grind with jacobus and it got worse because her daughter doesn't like helen. so yeah thats a big problem. then this week jacobus's teacher in computer class messed up the mouse and wrote him up for destruction of property. what it was is jacobus wanted to switch mouses and unplugged his and got another. the teacher took the one he had and made him be a the computer he took the other mouse from. she pounded the little plug end of the mouse into the computer because it was not fitting the best. it bent the prongs on the inside of the mouse plug and so it can not be used. she blamed him and wrote him up. there are 5 or 6 other kids who witnessed it happen and they told jacobus that when his mom came in to have them called in theyd vouch for him. the way jacobus describes the way the teacher do it was she tried to plug it in like normal and could so you started hitting it with her fist to make it go in. so yeah that teacher destructed school property and wants to blame him. my dad told toni that when she goes to the principal if he tries to put it off and be like we will call the kids in later to be like no. tell him i know you wont do it later your doing it now. i will go wait outside your office but i want to see the kids go into your office. she also is gonna have him get the manger to the bus's in there or get that damn bus driver bitch in there and deal with her himself while shes there. shes not playing around anymore. she has played around with this shit to much and is damn tired of it. she said if the destruction of school property and the bus stuff is gonna still go on and the principal refuses to do anything she said shes gonna tell them to expect a lawsuit and not just on the school itself but on them themselves. so i really hope this gets some stuff straightened up real quick.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


my sister honor lives in the same complex as my sister toni but now she her husband and three kids have to stay in a hotel. they were getting there floor replaced and the maintenance man found a lot of mold growing under the fridge and the oven and the dishwasher. they think its been there since honor was pregnant with nicky and there house got flooded cuse of the tolit. nicky is almost one years old. so yeah thats been a long time. they are putting them up in a hotel my sister is going to call her kids doctor and have both the kids tested for any mold related problems as soon as possible. if there is anything wrong she is sueing that apartment complex for everything she can get. this is so horrible. my dad and my brother in law had to fight with the manager to get her to get my bro in law, my sister and there two kids a hotel. the place wanted them to stay there until they finished cleaning it up. when the threat of contact the public health unit for us. boy that got her on the ball.

Monday, November 28, 2011


my sister toni called asking us if we had ben in her house. she said there were things in her two daughters room moved and stuff in her sons and her room moved to. we said no. she asked the manager if they had seen anyone walking around the apartments cuse she was gonna call the cops cuse someone had been in her apartment. the manager says oh that was inspection people for the apartments they were fixing stuff broke while they were in there. the manager hadnt even been in there with them nor had known till they came and gave her a work order for different things in tonis apartment the maintenance man had to do. they had given no notice to toni to tell her they were gonna go there. they also searched her apartment to see if there were any code violations and put on the work order they gave the manager that toni had to clean her bathtub, take plastic off all her windows in all the rooms, that all the rooms were to cluttered and needed to be cleaned. so there is illegal search because they had no search warrent. cops cant do that without a search warrent so why should the inspectors be able to? helen and abis closet was actually rummaged through? aprently the closet needed fixing but um why rummage through the stuff? toni thinks a necklace was stolen. she swears she had it on a dresser in her room. its not there now. they obviously went in her room cuse they said all rooms are cluttered and all rooms windows have the plastic on them. so then if it had been on tonis dresser and now its gone then that means it was stolen by them. my sister just seems scared to go to the cops cuse she thinks the apartment people will kick her out. uh if they do shell just have to go to a lawyer and show evidence of a police report against the apartment building and what it was about and then her being evicted not long later and the proof of her rent being paid. see how quick shell have a lawsuit on there ass's and get bunches of money. i mean like hundreds of thousands of dollars. so i really hope she goes to the cops. this was totaly wrong of the aprtment building people to do. i mean what if say jacobus whose 15 was sick and was home alone for a few hours. say he stabbed one and killed one with this pocket knife he has. i mean um the inspectors be asking for it by not informing anyone of them coming and just walking in. it be him protecting his home and property against intruders. do you serisously think if a prosicuter put him on trail for murder any jury convict him? i dont think so a jury be like uh they had no notice no warning he had the right to protect his home and himself from an intruder by stabbing one or even shooting them if he had a gun. seriously if the people keep doing this that is what is going to happen i garentee you someone will shoot or stab an inspector when they come in without notice. my sister honorand her husband sleep during the day cuse they work nights.they live in the same aprtment buildings and have two small children. jj is a 6 foot 4 inch tall football player built man. they tend to keep a bat or a hammer or something heavy near the bed when sleeping. seriously he could easly if they came in kill one of them by hitting um with that. so yeah i serisously hope my sister files charges

Saturday, November 26, 2011


i had a good day today. my sister tonis three kids were here for a long time. helen, jacobus and abi are there names. jacobus, abi and i all played on the wii just dance for a bit. we took turns becuase we only have 2 remotes. i enjoyed that. then later all three of them and i decorated the christmas tree. helen did the gralin and she helped with the ornaments and bows. it looks really good even though we put the garlin on after we had done the ornaments. then jacobusand i wrapped helens christmas presents together in my room. after we had wraped hers helen came in and helped us wrap abis, dads, grandpas, scarlet, and nickys. nickys was very complicated and im glad helen and jacobus did the harder ones to wrap because id of lost it trying to. see for nicky i got this little bat and ball toy. the bat is attached to this teeball thing on a base. the ball is attached to. you hit the ball with the tiny bat and it spins around and it makes noise. it is made for little kids nickys age. it is very awkwardly shaped and it took helen half an hour to do it. jacbous wrapped the little baby guitar for him. its this guitar that you push a button to turn it on then you put your little hand in a hole and it plays music. its very cute but also a awkward shape. i wrapped his little pull with him phone that makes noise. it is very cute. it took us a long while to get it all wrapped but we got it done. ill admit the wrapping is not the best but it is better than it could of been. we then ate pizza and we used napkins to blot alot of the grease off what we ate. you would be surprised about how much grease was on each piece. its actually kinda gross. then jacobus and abi went and played wii again and helen and i talked. she finaly watched interview with the vampire the movie and she said it was pretty good. i was telling her about the books and she said shell definitely have to borrow them sometime. we talked about how i was the weird kid who read interview with the vampire the book at age 6 and teachers would quizz me on stuff like that on book reading days because they thought i couldn't really read it. i showed her some pictures iv found online that i like that people made from the movie. anyway today was really pretty good. i hope all of you have had nice days to

Monday, November 21, 2011

the dog food bzzkit

so stupid bzzagent sent me an envelope and all it had in it was the bzz guide. there was no dog food at all. it wanted me to review it but how could i when there is no dog food? seriously there had to be some sort of mistake with the shipping but still that is totally stupid and a total waste of time.


i will soon be getting some hill's science diet ideal balance dog food in the mail. it is completely it is not one of those tiny sample bags it is i assume a regular size bag. i am doing this for as a product test. i have been a member of bzzagent a year and have goten a bunch of free stuff from them over time. all they ask me to do is write back and tell them my thoughts and they do want me to let people know what i thought and that i got it free from them. its actualy pretty simple and doesnt cost a penny. i am sure my dog will love this stuff. ill update when i get it

Friday, November 18, 2011


well its almost thanksgiveing and there have been a few things going on so got to talk about them. in st louis a couple days ago a little boy who was 1 years old was reported missing by his mother. the police suspected she had done something but then there was a report of a suspicious white male carrying a baby in a blue blanket and he seemed nervous. this was about half a mile from the woman's house. obviously the cops thought then that this was really a kidnapping and put out a all point buliten for the kid and the description of the guy. anyway later that night they found the womans baby boy in a park badly beaten to death. they asked the family questions and the mother admitted to doing it. they gave up searching for the white male becuase she admited to it and there were no other babies reported missing in the area. so it easly could of been the dad of the kid and the kid was just crying and it made him nervous. that kind of stuff happens. anyway i felt sad for a while thinking how that baby was killed and how he was innocent and couldnt do anything to deserve that. made me mad at his mother. anyway in better news i got a phillips wake up light free from in a product test. iv looked up how much they cost at stores and that is $99. i got it completly free as a product test and do not have to return it. unfortunately it was very difficult to set up. we can not figure out how to do the radio and we did exactly as the instructions said and it didnt work. the wording in the directions was complicated on every part of it. we got it all set up and everything else worked but it was difficult. it actualy from all the directions seems a little unsafe. it gets really hot so you cant touch it when the light is on and you cant have it near anything flamable. so kinda makes me think that once its released on the market it wont be out long before a recall for something happening with it. other stuff i will be getting soon is 1 survey for body lotion from, 1 survey on dogfood from my 1 survey on dog food from and 1 product test on dog food from yeah we are deffintly going to get a lot of dog food. the bzzagent and the my survey should be here just after thanksgiveing. merry christmas to my dog shes gonna have lots of dog food is all i can say. she is the type of dog whod eat till she puked and eat some more if you gave it to her. we wont be doing that but im sure shell be happy with the new different flavored food. of coarse after so long well probably give some to our neighbor he has 3 dogs. im sure he can use some free dog food. our thanksgiveing here should be nice my sisters there kids and my grandpa are going to be here with mom dad and me. both my sisters will do the cooking besides for the turkey that dad and me will do. we have no had grandpa lex here for a holiday since i was a little kid. he will be 80 in February and he has Alzheimer. i dont think we will have him much longer so i am glad we will have thanksgiveing holiday with him. also in december my youngest niece turns 3 and my youngest nephew turns 1. he is the others baby brother and if he was born 2 days later they would be exactly 2 years apart. there mother my sister also has her birthday on december first.

Monday, October 17, 2011


for those of you with etsy accounts do not buy from the seller howardshome. this seller is unreasonable and unfair. i contacted them when i had ordered something to be sure it was flavored as they said and did not have fragrence oil instead of flavor. they said it was flavored and all was ok. then they cancled my order and gave paypal the reasoning of i had not paid them. it had not yet been 3-5 days so the payment had yet gone through. i contacted the seller are told them this. they gave me the feedback of not makeing sense haveing a bad track record not being happy with my payment not going through quickly and that i would unfairly feedback them and saying i didnt pay. i have a good track record. i have only been negatively feedbacked by 1 other seller besides her over the 60 or more times i have bought from people. i have given neautrals and negatives to a few people and they still gave me positives as if saying i was right to give it to them. i contacted this seller about her feedback and said they were being unfair and if they were to look at my history they would see i do not have a bad buying history. i told them i had contacted them and told them it takes 3-5 days for paypal to go through when paypal gave me an email with them cancleing my order with the reasoning i did not pay. they contacted and said they were going to contact etsy and report abuse on me. this is seriously wrong. The seller HOWARDSHOME IS AN UNREASONABLE UNFAIR SELLER ON ETSY. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

Sunday, October 16, 2011


so we went to the world bird sanctuary becuase they were doing this special open house thing. my sister toni and two of her three kids came with dad mom and me there. we all rode in one car since we could all fit in it. the place was showing some rabbits and other things and letting you touch and the kids staid and listened and petted them. they also had all sorts of venders in a certain area selling stuff thats proceeds all went to the sanctuary. there was this bird hospital thing that they never have open to the public. they had it open for everyone to walk all around. they had people telling you what each instrument is used for. then they also had a room that had some of the birds in cages and a guy was telling about how you tell if its a hawk or vulture when its flying. vultures when flying there wings are fixed a certain way that it looks sorta like a v while a hawks are straight out. he said if you see hawks flying around there ether hunting marking territory or courting a mate. we told him about the one we see almost everyday flying around and how we have bunnies and squirles all over our back yard. he said does it circle around your yard and the neibors yards who have those. we said yes and he said its probably hunting most the times. we said we have a small dog and she goes out side we try to watch her outside but if were busy we leave her a bit. he said you probably shouldnt do that becuase it could easly swoop down and get her. certain breeds of hawks can pick up a 30 to 35 pound animal or even a child. so now were gonna be more careful with queenie. they also had this area down a trail that is normaly off limits to the public. it had were they did training for the birds to be re released or for stunts and stuff in shows and breeding areas for them to. well the walk down the trail took forever and then we had to walk on the side of a road type thing to. it was at least a mile and dad had to sit down on a bench on the trail for a long time. also on the trail there was an area over grown with weeds that we had to walk in. i hated that and hope i dont get a rash. anyway we got there and found out a bus drives people there and back that it picked people up at the entrance to the bird sanctuary. needless to say we rode it back to the entrance. anyway they had tour guides telling us about some of the birds and areas. one area they showed an eagle who had deformed feet from birth. he had actualy been hatched there and they would of let him out in the wild but he had deformed feet so he would never be able to hunt. see he doesnt have the scalyness to his feet like eagles normaly do. the tour guide said since they loose heat and gain heat a bunch from the feet if he hunted and grabbed a fish out of cold water hed freeze to death. so he can not be released. then they showed the bird they called old man. he was some kind of hawk. he has been bred to many different females over the years and has father quite a few hawks. they have a few of his offspring there but most were ether given to zoos or set free in the wild. old man unfortunately can not be released becuase of one of his feet being paralyzed. they think he got hit by a car or something but he can fly and he has always been very protective of his young. whenever he and a female had babies or eggs in the enclosure he was in he would not even let the handlers get to close to the enclosure without trying to attack them. he had actually sat on and hatched a cared for some offspring over the years becuase the mothers wouldn't.when they took us to one area that had all sorts of differnt enclosures you couldn't really see in they took us next to some big freezer type thing. they said this is wear they keep the meat they feed the birds. most of it comes from road kill that the people who take care of the roads donate it to them. well in the area they were telling us about the birds in the enclosures and in a few you looked in the windows and actualy saw the pair but none were mateing at that moment. one enclosure had a bag over the window so you couldnt se in. they said the eagle in there was getting ready for realease and they didnt want it seeing a lot of people. they said if it sees alot of people it could think people are safe and will feed it and will never be able to hunt on its own. they then took us into the nursery which at that time had no chicks. they showed what they would have to do to take care of chicks whose parents wouldn't take care of them or something. they had puppets they stuck on there hands shaped as different kinds of birds and big blankets. they covered themselves in a blanket and used the puppet to feed and take care of the babies. the birds take a long time to recognize a human shape under the blanket. this way they dont have to worry so much about them thinking humans will feed them and not be able to take care of themselves if they set them free. we saw in other enclosure a eagle whoed been shot by a pucher. half his wing been blown off needless to say hed never be released into the wild. the hunter was fined and got jail time for it. then there was a pair of eagles in a enclosure they werent being bred. the guy said these two were found around the same time injured both of them can not be released in the wild. when they were being treated they got a bond together and they like being together a lot. they said just to make them happy and keep them comfortable they keep them with each other. he said they have had a few nests over the years with babies but so far none this year. we saw a stork and some other type of birds there to. it was very nice. after riding bus back to the entry then we hoofed it to our car. the place was very crowded today. still was a very nice day

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


our cat violet has passed away. there was nothing the vet could do for her. her lungs and everything had the cancer in them. she could barely breath. she is in a better place now just she will be forever missed.