Wednesday, December 22, 2010


well little nicky gave the hole family a heart attack last night. nicky spit up when he was laying on his back and started chocking. honor started suctioning him out tried haveing him lay with his tummy on her arm and popping him in the back and tried steam. hed breath for a second then not be able to again. she told me to call 911 and i did and when i asked her what the address is i saw he was turning blue and i said oh shit he is turning blue. they said theyd dispatch an embulance quickly. i called my dad told him wed need help with sister toni lives in same apartment complex and the ambulance came screeching in and one of the people asked which apratment was 18 and she knows thats honor and jacobus heard to and he runs out in his pjs no coat no nothing on his feetand says follow me i know it. my sister ran out as well and so did abi no coats and in pjs. ambulance man got there i opened the door. i pointed to the room and they ran in. so they got him breathing but had to get him to er. my sister went with of corse. toni took scarlet and dad got there pretty quick to.they got nicky at the hospital got him breathing but he kept getting muscus spitting up so there did a chest exray and thought about keeping him over night and have him hooked to stuff. toni called jj at his work and jj left work quickly to get to the hospital he got to the hospital pretty fast. my dad stopped by moms work and told her and mom left.we werr all on edge. hell be allright. even scarlet was on edge. she saw honor doing all that and didnt understand she started saying momma baby.i think she thought honor was hurting him.she was crying cuse she heard honor crying and trying all she could and she heard the panic in my voice when i called 911.then when everyone came in and were reacting quickly about the baby she got even more scared cuse she knew something was wrong. she is ok now. they sent him home later that night. they said he needs soy milk cuse what he was doing was spitting all his formula up and inhaling it.they said to elavate him and he being such a little sucky baby needed a got the things for honor and jj for him. honor called this morning and said hed done fine through the night.he had a little more spitup after he ate his soymilk formula but not to bad. just a normal baby spit up. he didnt have any chokeing incident last night he is doing good. everyone is more calm. the little man has no clue how much he scared everyone. was a very exciting night but not the kind of exciting night you want. thankfully hes doing better now. so we are much calmer he is well.

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