Saturday, September 17, 2011


today was a very good day for me. my neice abi was over and dad and i did some things with her. we made brownies up with her than most the day we played wii. we played 9 holes gold and 4 or 5 things of bowling. i wont two of the bowling games and abi won golf. made us move around a bit makeing the wii person of ours do what they where supposed to so it did give me exercise. i also counted change of my grandfathers and boy is that container heavy and hard to lift. that was a bit of exercise lifting it. we would of taken a walk if it wasnt raining out today. it is also very cold out today. fall weather has hit our area. in a few days is my doctors apointment but i am doing so well it wont matter. im just hopeing my blood pressure will be ok and they wont complain about it again. i seriosuly can not wait for saterday the 24th and sunday the 25th becuase we are gonna be busy. on saterday is the craft fair in washington that we go to every year and on sunday is this wildlife thing about wolves that should be neat. i know ill be anxious at those places but its fine itll be fun. i want to go into this resale store when at the craft fair. it is always open when the craft fair goes on even though saterday and sunday are not its normal days open. i want to go in becuase it is made for little kids and maturnity stuff. im hopeing ill find a few things for my littlest nephew nickys christmas while there. once i find him some stuff im mainly done just need a gift card for mom and dad and something for grandpa.the problem is though i dont know if hell even know its christmas then. his mind is going so quickly i hate it. when a family member has alzimers it is very hard to deal with. you see there body there but there not. it hurts you because there forgetting everything about there lives and are turning into a shell with life in it but nobody there. i swear life is hard sometimes. anyway my day was still good and i am happy about that

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