Thursday, December 1, 2011


my sister honor lives in the same complex as my sister toni but now she her husband and three kids have to stay in a hotel. they were getting there floor replaced and the maintenance man found a lot of mold growing under the fridge and the oven and the dishwasher. they think its been there since honor was pregnant with nicky and there house got flooded cuse of the tolit. nicky is almost one years old. so yeah thats been a long time. they are putting them up in a hotel my sister is going to call her kids doctor and have both the kids tested for any mold related problems as soon as possible. if there is anything wrong she is sueing that apartment complex for everything she can get. this is so horrible. my dad and my brother in law had to fight with the manager to get her to get my bro in law, my sister and there two kids a hotel. the place wanted them to stay there until they finished cleaning it up. when the threat of contact the public health unit for us. boy that got her on the ball.

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