Sunday, December 18, 2011


happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear scarlet happy birthday to you.

thats right my littlest neice turned 3 today. sheesh i cant believe she is so big and her little brother just turned one two days ago. they grow to fast i tell you. anyway we had there little party here today. being it is sunday normally the family comes over anyhow. we had grandpa lex over as well when we did the little party. the cake was so cute and we got scarlet to blow her candle out but we had to blow nickys out becuase he couldnt do that at his age. my dad let scarlet lick the iceing off the bottom of the candle but she ended up biteing a chunk off the candle. it was so funny but dont worry dad took the chunk of candle out of her mouth before she could eat it. thats what you get for giveing a 3 year a candle with iceing on it. there obviously gonna think candy eat it. anyway they all had cake and liked it then we did presents. scarlet and nicky needed help opening them but they liked it. nicky got a little over whelmed. he didnt understand the excitement and when he reached in the gift bag i gave him with his stuff from me the first two things he grabbed he didnt want to put down. we still had more for him because mom had stuff for him and honor brought stuff over for them to unwrap here that she had got them. honor is there mother. then my sister toni also had gotten them stuff to unwrap but for nicky being 1 it was quite overwhelming. anyway scarlet loved opening up the stuff but she needed help. the one thing she loved the most was all the dress up clothes mom gave her in a box. she even had some dress up shoes and she had to put them on quick. she put on a costume and became a puppy dog with high heeled dress up shoes and a dress up boa on. so yeah she was a fancy puppy. nicky got this ride on or walk with train that made music and did a few other activity things on the side of it. he had to walk all over with it. he totally loved it but he kept wineing off and on. he was tired and a little over whelmed. still was a nice day and it was cute to see how excited they got out of those toys. hope you all have a merry christmas

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