Friday, December 16, 2011


happy birthday dear nicky happy birthday to you.

yep my littest nephew just turned 1 today. he is the youngest of all my nieces and nephews. boy they grow fast. in two more days his big sister scarlet turns 3. i can barely believe there as big as they are. the fact nicky is walking and trying to talk to is another thing showing how fast they grown. i love all the kids and i love seeing them grow up and i love trying to be good influence in there lives but i just can hardly believe that they are all as old as they are. i mean my oldest neice is 16 and her little brother whose my oldest nephew is turning 15. i see those two and i know its not to long before there all grown up and gone. theyll be going to college living by themselves staring families. man times flies by. do you guys know that song that says it wont be like this for long one day theyll be all grown up and gone. this faze is gonna fly by so try to hold on cuse it wont be like this for long. that is totaly the truth the fazes they go through fly by and the days fly by and before you know it there almost all grown up. nothing stays the same for long. on other news my neice who hates needles actually gave blood yesterday. she usualy has to be held down to get a show but not this time. she actualy got it done and had no problems. she is going to be saveing lives with the blood she gave. im proud of her. shes maturing so fast and is able to do stuff she never could before. anyway i hope you all have a merry christmas

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