Friday, December 16, 2011

12/16/11 part 2

well my sister went up to the school and talked to the principal. unfortunately she had to talk to her on the phone. some reason the principal was not at the school and she had to talk to her on the phone. the principal says something will be done about it but toni does not think it will without her pressing the issue. she also found out by the principal that kids have actually reported to the prinicpal about the bus driver doing what shes been doing. that the principal let the bus driver manger know and somehow it go to the bus driver and those kids who told got in trouble and had to sit up front and got a bus ticket which means wrote up by the bus driver. these are not my sisters kids who this happened to but other children haveing issues with the bus driver. this is fucking ridiculous this bus driver needs her ass fired for what shes doing. she is bullying the kids and thats not right. if she isnt straightened up she will not just be getting in the kids faces she will be hitting them to. im sorry im about read to go to the bus stop with my sisters kids in the morning and when it pulls up get in front of all the kids and inform the woman who i am. then tell her if she messes with my nieces and nephew anymore she will be finding herself in the hospital and be paying some big time hospital bills. of corse if i did that id be arrested but still the woman shouldnt do that shit to any kid. i would love to knock her ass out. some people really deserve to get there ass's kicked.

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