Thursday, December 15, 2011


my sister is going to have to have a yelling fit with the school her kids go to. you see earlyer this week a bus driver on the bus her kids go to got up in her sons face yelling at him. he had brought a fishing pole on the bus becuase he had to show it and talk about it in some class hes in. the bus driver wanted him to lay it down on the floor in front of the seat. the problem is if he did that people who got in the seat would step on it and break it. he had it in his backpack took apart and didnt have any hooks or anything so he figuered it be no big deal to hold it. so he did and the bus driver literly stopped the bus and got up and got in his face and yelled at him for not doing as she had told him to. he smarted off and said if i do what you said itll get broke! do you wangt to pay 60 dollars for a new fishing pole? she literly was so close up to his face that there noses were a few millimeters from touching. she was yelling at him and cuseing at him and when another kid told her to stop which happened to be his little sister she yelled at her. she eventualy did stop and went back to driveing but yeah my nephew and both his sisters plus a few other students reported this incident to the vice principal and nothing was done. all my sisters kids told there mom and she is going tomorrow and gonna yell about it. another problem with this bus driver is she is picking on toni's kids. see her daughter rides the same bus and her daughter dose not like helen and has been telling lies. her daughter will get up in helen or abi's or jacobus's faces and curse them out and the bus driver does nothing. if one of them even says one curse word back she tells the bus driver and the buss driver yells and screams and has wrote up the kids before. toni has tried to get a hold of the manager of the bus people but he never calls her back. so now she is gonna go to the principal and bitch. the bus driver does not like jacobus anyhow jacobus is one of those kids who likes to agrivate by telling anoying jokes or mokeing people. he also is a hyper kid so yeah hes been in trouble because of that stuff by the bus driver with just cause. he also has been with teachers in his school. so it just seems the bus driver already had an ax to grind with jacobus and it got worse because her daughter doesn't like helen. so yeah thats a big problem. then this week jacobus's teacher in computer class messed up the mouse and wrote him up for destruction of property. what it was is jacobus wanted to switch mouses and unplugged his and got another. the teacher took the one he had and made him be a the computer he took the other mouse from. she pounded the little plug end of the mouse into the computer because it was not fitting the best. it bent the prongs on the inside of the mouse plug and so it can not be used. she blamed him and wrote him up. there are 5 or 6 other kids who witnessed it happen and they told jacobus that when his mom came in to have them called in theyd vouch for him. the way jacobus describes the way the teacher do it was she tried to plug it in like normal and could so you started hitting it with her fist to make it go in. so yeah that teacher destructed school property and wants to blame him. my dad told toni that when she goes to the principal if he tries to put it off and be like we will call the kids in later to be like no. tell him i know you wont do it later your doing it now. i will go wait outside your office but i want to see the kids go into your office. she also is gonna have him get the manger to the bus's in there or get that damn bus driver bitch in there and deal with her himself while shes there. shes not playing around anymore. she has played around with this shit to much and is damn tired of it. she said if the destruction of school property and the bus stuff is gonna still go on and the principal refuses to do anything she said shes gonna tell them to expect a lawsuit and not just on the school itself but on them themselves. so i really hope this gets some stuff straightened up real quick.

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