Wednesday, January 4, 2012


well a couple of days ago i went with both my sisters and my sister tonis three children to washington. we wanted to go to some resale shops and none of them were open in town. we went to this shop called that shop around the corner first. there helen (toni's oldest daughter who is a junior in highschool) found a bunch of nice prom dress's. she got money for her christmas but she doesnt have enough to buy a new one and her mom could never afford a new one so she saw all these there and started trying them on. she got over over 10 differnt dress's and took them to the dressing room. i stood outside with the cart because it had more in it and she could only take so many in at a time. there were a few that did not fit her, then a couple that once on you saw strings so those were a no, then there were some that were really dirty at the bottom. eventually she found two dress's that looked beautiful on her. one is a green floor length dress that is strappless that has a curved bit of extra cloth that goes to her hip.yes it is a little plain but its nice. she bought it and it only cost 12 dollars. my sister knows a women who tailors cloths. she is gonna take the dress up to her and have a little bit done to it. she is gonna have something put on the hip thatll poof out and make the dress have some sparkly stuff on it and make the skirt part poof out more. my sister thinks that wont even cost 50 dollars becuase she knows a woman who bought a plain white dress and had this lady turn it into a fancy wedding dress and it only cost 200. seeing since this wont be a whole lot done to this it wont cost to much and toni said shed pay that amount. im sure itll look wonderful when it is done. the second dress is a spaghetti strap black dress with gray shiny things on the top around the bust. it is floor length as well and it cost 9 dollars so she also bought it for a backup plan or for a homecoming dance. it looks really nice as well. i enjoyed being there and seeing her in all the different dress's and helping her choose. my nephew jacobus bought a tank to put a frog in and abi bought a book. my sister honor bought a few clothes that looked good and fit her then toni bought some clothes for herself to. i did not buy anything. after we were done we went to goodwill. toni took jacobus and abi while helen honor and i were at goodwill to petco. jacobus was going to get himself a frog for the tank. anyway honor found a bunch of work books for her daughter scarlet and she found some clothes and a microwave that she bought.helen found a little heart shaped candle holder, a candle that looked like a white rose and a cute stuffed dog. she bought all those for her mom for valentines day. i think they are cute and she only spent 3 dollars and some odd cents. toni when she did get there did not buy anything and i did not buy anything ether. after that we headed home. it was a nice day out. yesterday jacobus and abi were here for a long time. they played a game and they watched dolphin tale with us and we played some video poker on a computer game i have. obviously you dont have to pay any money to play the game if you loose. they actualy enjoyed it and got to figure out a little how you play poker. then we would of played just dance on the wii and the wii broke. so that didnt work but we were able to get the disk out. so yesterday was a very good day though uneventful. the kids have started school back up again so that causes a little anxiety because im worried about the bus driver stuff. anyway iv been doing pretty good thankfuly.

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