Wednesday, September 14, 2011


i am pumpkin crazy lately. being that it is fall and halloween is comeing up iv gone a little crazy about pumpkin scented and flavored stuff. i recently bought a pumpkin scented candle, some pumpkin scented oil, pumpkin flavored lip balm and i made some pumpkin spice perfume. i already have soap and lotion in pumpkin scent and iv been useing that. so yes you can see im a pumpkin nut. i found this recipe for makeing perfume recently and so i used it to make pumpkin spice scent and it worked out real well. you use 80 or higher prook vodka. you need 1/4 cup of it. then you add as little or much scent as you want. you blend it up with a fork put a lid on it and let it sit out of sunlight for a day. then you blend it again and bottle it. every time before use you have to shake well to make sure the oil is blended well with the alcohol. im not sure why it seperates but its normal. easyest way to tell if you have enough scent is to put a little on you of the mixture and walk away from the bowl and smell it on yourself. this is because the mixture all together is to strong to tell for sure. so iv got some pumpkin spice scented perfume which i love and im already mixing up some gardenia for my mom. a half pint of vodka last a long way with this. i have also been getting more exercise the past few days besides for today. iv mostly been walking but since today it was rainy and gloomy and cold i could not do that. im going to have to get my shake weight out soon and start useing it more i guess. mainly iv been keeping busy and i am glad for that. on the 24th i am going to go to the washington craft fair and then sunday the 25th there is this thing educating about wolves that we are going to go to. we have to pay to get into the area and that money goes to the protection and rescue of wolves. this thing is supposed to have face painting and other things. it should be nice to see. so busy weekend comeing up there. i found some cute halloween crafts for kids to do. i printed them up for my sister to do with her kids and maybe my other sisters kids. there not hard to do crafts or anything so they should be nice to do. im almost done christmas shopping all i have to get is a few things for my youngest nephew which i plan on getting at the craft fair. then i need to get something for my grandpa but ill wait till just before then. well i must go now

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