Tuesday, August 30, 2011


i saw my grandfather today at the assisted living home. he was doing good but didnt have much to say as usual. when we were there we saw the new kitten the home has. they got the kitten becuase one of the people who works there drove from there home to work and it was in her engine. somehow it didnt get all cut up and it survived the drive. they heard it mewing in there and got it out. they got it seen by a vet and he is doing fine. he is so tiny im surprised he is able to eat normal kitten food. they have him at the home in a room and let the older people see and pet him and hold him sometimes. they are not sure if there gonna keep him or not. if they do he will have to be declawed and netured once hes a little older and bigger. i held him for a while and he snuggled up to me and then he wanted to play with my hair. i wouldnt let him though. i held him for a bit and petted him and he purred but then he ended up peeing in my hand.had to put him back in the room he belong in and go wash my hands. it doesn't bother me he did that because i remember when our cat and dog where really little and how they did that to. anyway i hope that they keep him but if not im sure they'll find him a good home. also today i saw my caseworker while mom was here. becuase they way mom talked it incouraged the caseworker to try and push me going to places like psc which is group therapy thing at the doctors office i go to. thats not gonna happen though. it anoys me that mom encouraged it she knows i dont like being around people im not related to. its a big deal for me to even talk to a caseworker. i know i talk on chat and on here to people but this is different. on here i can stop talking and on chat i can ignore anyone i dont like and i dont have to give to much information to. they dont have to know where exactly i live and stuff. kinda anoys me with that.

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