Wednesday, August 3, 2011


my eldest niece is officially 16 today. it feels weird that she is as old as she is. before long she will be all grown up and liveing on her own with a family of her own. i know that will hopeful be at least 2 years before she starts with a family but still time flies by so quick shell be that age before long. iv been pretty busy the past few days.last saterday the home my grandpa lives in had a carnival type thing for an activity for the old folks and there families to enjoy. i went there with dad and my sisters and all there kids and my bro in law met us there as well. it was very nice i must say. the kids played the games they had going on there and won prizes. we all ate the food which was just the same as carnival or fair food. they had cottons candy,popcorn,hamburgers, hotdogs,barbeque beef,chips,lemonade and tea. my grandfather ate barbeque beef and sat outside mostly and talked and held nicky. the carnival had a clown and a fortune teller person of corse they werent really those things just people pretending to be for the older people and there families. grandpa sat and got a picture taken with the fortune teller and had his fortune told. he watched scarlet a little bit while she played the games but he didnt participate in the games. mom didnt come to it becuase she had to work that night but it was still fun. then on sunday we did a little party for helens birthday although her birthday is realy today. we did presents then had dinner as a family then had cake helen loved her presents. it was very nice. toni and the kids staid over late that night. one of helens presents was bones season 1 and she checked all the disks while she was here. she was very thrilled with haveing that and she loved the buffy the vampire slayer high school yearbook i got her. i got her that book cuse shes a huge buffy fan and i liked it and thought she would to. on monday everyone besides dad and my bro in law jj went to the zoo. it was hot as hell but they had plenty of cooling stations which was a plus. we saw the childrens zoo first which all the kids loved especially scarlet. jacobus's favorite thing was petting the animals. both my sister live in apartment buildings and they cant have pets. my sister honor has 1 cat cuse she was pregnant at the time she moved into her apartment and a doctor wrote a note saying it would help my sister mentaly to keep it and it would help the child to grow and learn to treat animals right if it was kept. so the apartments let honor have the cat. toni on the other hand has no pets and jacobus is a huge animal lover so to him the childrens zoo was great for that. after the childrens zoo we went to the sting rays and sharks where they can pet them. i and nicky went to a restaurant near by and we sat inside and cooled off while everyone did that. i fed nicky his cereal and bottle when we where there and he played with the cereal. after everyoe was done with the sting rays and sharks they went into the little resturant and we ordered food and ate. scarlet wanted to run around so we let her walk around inside the resturant while one of the adults walked with her. when we got our food she sat and ate though then after everyone ate we went to the rivers edge. most the animals in that area were inside and so we didnt see them. we did however get to see bush dogs a rino some hippos and one elephant. scarlet squealed and was so happy to see the elephant. see when we were in the car driveing to the zoo she kept saying we see elephants and after so long she fell asleep but when she woke up she was like we see elephants now? so we had to try and see some elephants for her and we were lucky to see one. it was raja he was the first elephant to be born at st louis zoo in many years. he is 18 now and the father to 3 or 4 baby elephants. we assume the females and babies were inside cuse they have there own area and they werent out there. so that was a good day as well. on tuesday mom and i saw grandpa and then when back home went through some stuff we brought from grandpas house to see what wed keep sell and through away. we still have a lot of stuff to go through. i naped some yesterday cuse i was plain tired from the zoo. today i havent done much of nothing besides go to three sisters and buy some stuff. three sisters is a resale store near by where i live. i bought a present for mom for christmas there and a bag with Egyptian stuff on it i also checked my account to see if i had sold anything. i had sold one thing and got one dollar and fifty cents. i know its not much but better than nothing. tomorrow my case worker will come for a while then on monday she comes again. monday is the last day she will be my caseworker. she is the third one iv gone through this year. it is upsetting that i havent kept a case worker long this year. also on monday when i see her we will make my next doctors appointment. i was very happy today though because i got to talk to my best friend hyde. i havent talked to him in a few months cuse hes been busy with a tour. i missed him so it was nice to talk to him.i love him alot hes just like family to me. anyway this is all iv been up to i hope you all have had some nice days to.

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