Tuesday, August 23, 2011


not much really been going on here. i messed up my back for a few days.its still a little stiff but not bad. when id first messed it up i could barely move without sharp intense pains going through it. anyway today i saw my caseworker gena. we did this exercise where she showed me a picture of a pool. the pool had a slide a diveing board and the ladder with three steps. she was saying this represents the swimming pool of life. color it in and think about some things you dove into and why, somethings that you slid out of control into and why,and some things you took steps into and why. i talked about my ex boyfriend being something i dove into way to quick and how that didnt work out. i talked about how school for me was the thing that slid out of control till i dropped out.i talked about the steps it took me to deal with and be able to live a normal life after looseing differnt loved ones to death. then we did something where there was a picture of a hand. in side the hand i had to write things i could control and outside was things i could not control. one of my could nots was my grandfather having Alzheimer. anyway these were interesting ways to talk about things. honestly not my favorite thing but ill do them. gena is also a group councler at the doctors office i go to so i really dont think ill be having her to long. not that i dont like her just shes more into the exercise to counsel yourself thing.

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