Wednesday, July 27, 2011


had an intresting night. my mom my sister honor her daughter scarlet and grandpa lex and i all went up to the park. we went to feed the ducks at the water. well when we went out there before we could get to the water the ducks and geese saw the bread and came running like a stampede. mom led them to the water cuse my sister nor me nor grandpa nor scarlet wanted to get to close to them. after mom gave them all the bread we sat in a pavilion on a bench.the ducks and geese came on the pavilion and got really close to us.i got nervous when a couple were so close i could touch them so i moved away.they didnt try to hurt us but they were just looking at us and makeing there noise and walking around. i think they were trying to see if we had any more bread. still was nerve wracking being surrounded by big geese and ducks and it wasnt all females it was the big males to.i know the males can get pretty mean when theres a group of females with them and the females get mean when there is a nest near by. that is the reason i was pretty nervous plus scarlet kept wanting to touch them but we wouldn't let her.grandpa kept encouraging her to but we kept talling her no and were getting upset with grandpa for encouraging her to pet the ducks. he just kept laughing at us. finaly the ducks and geese went away and we went and got ice cream at sonic. scarlet wanted to run around while we ordered and i was trying to make her come sit and she fell over and skined her knee a little but didnt make it bleed.honor finaly walked with her a while since we couldnt get her to sit down till after the ice cream came. once she had eaten she got all messy cuse her ice cream mostly melted. so honor was letting her drink it with a straw but she kept getting it on herself. i know this is common for two year olds to do all i said but still it was a little nerve wracking. fianly we brought grandpa home then my sister and scarlet to there home. scarlet fell asleep in the car while we drove them there. nicky didnt go with us to see the ducks and geese nor did jj honors husband. nicky was pretty tired and upset with teething so jj staid home and watched him.

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