Monday, August 29, 2011


my mom my eldist sister toni and i all went to washington to do some shopping. mom was looking for a bunch of cute haloween costumes to buy scarlet for christmas since she loves dressing up. she found quite a few for really good prices at goodwill. one of them was a cheerleader outfit, another was a 50's typewaitress at a diner outfit,another was a pink lepard colored dress with a cat tail,plus she got her a little boah and a bracelet. scarlet should be so cute when you wears those things. my mom also got some sleepers for goodwill i ended up buying a new purse because the one i was carrying zipper broke off so i couldnt zip it. my sister toni went to khols cuse she had 40 dollar khols cash gift card. she bought two pairs of jeans for her daughter abi and didnt pay anything for them. she had 2 cents left on the coupon and let mom use it for one pajamas three peice set she bought nicky. we also went to shoe carnival. jacobus needed new shoes for school so toni was buying him some. since there was a buy one get one half off toni asked if anyone needed shoes. i knew dad did becuase hes been glueing the souls back on a pair of shoes he has. we found a pair of steel toed boots and it only be 22 dollars when the half off was taken so we bought it. later when we got home he didnt want them. said his steel toed boots are fine and if he got anything hed get tennis shoes. so toni is takeing those back since she starts school soon and will be going by there. also while we were out i got what all the stuff im gonna get nickey for his birthday. one was a 1 dollar off brand of the magnidoodle. he and scarlet have one thats about destroyed and they get in fights over it. fights like pulling hair and slapping fights and yeah scarlet is 2 and hes 8 months think about what they might be like when there older. so anyway i had gotten scarlet a magnidoodle off brand at walmart for her birthday so since i saw them at dollar tree i got one for him for his birthday. thought that will settle that for a little while and if he breaks the dollar tree one its not a big deal. i also got him a wash rag thing. see its in this little case thing that you put it in water and it grows. i thought honor could do that with him when hes in the tub. hewould love seeing that and then she can also use it on him. toni bought some huge pot from this store called that shop around the corner. its a resale store so the stuff is pretty cheap. toni bought it so she could make lots of one thing and then whatever is left over freeze it so she can cook it another time. she will be in school so its gona be hard for her to cook well balanced meals all the time. she is thinking of doing stuff like that so she and the kids dont have to eat a lot of tv dinners. anyway we had very good day besides the problem with dad and the shoes. i swear my dad is such a cheap ass

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