Wednesday, August 24, 2011


well today i noticed my hair is falling out. this has happened before when i was extremely stressed over things. i am pretty stressed out about stuff to do with my grandfather. he has Alzheimer and is in an assistant liveing home. anyway before he went in the home just before my cousin got garudianship of him he singed his house over to mom. mom wasnt even there when he did it. she had no clue about it till the deed came in the mail. so my parents are selling the house that was grandpas which grandpa doesnt even remember signing over to her. anyway there stressing over how the hell there gonna pay the taxs. the problem is they cant use any of the money from the sale of the house but on grandpa. so yeah the money to pay the taxs has to come out of there pockets. plus the goverment will consider the money they got from the home there money and if the gov still has food stamps while we still have that money we will never get them. the thing is becuase it wasnt to long before my cousin got guardianship of grandpa and then we put him in this home it wasnt 5 years. so when he goes into a nursing home if it hasnt been 5 years since the house was signed to us and sold then theyll want the money. if we have used any of it theyll want proof it was used on grandpa. so yeah we have to keep the money till its been 5 years or grandpa dies otherwise well be in deep shit with government stuff. yeah its a catch 22 i know. so thats been giveing the household a lot of stress lately. there are other stress factors going on right now to do with grandpa but i dont think its such a good idea to get into that just in case our issues end up going to court. you know i dont want to say anything wrong and cause problems if we end up doing that. anyway these things are causing some stress on me so now my hair wants to do the falling out thing. i hate it when it does that. so i decided id get back on my hair skin and nail vitamins since that helped the hair stop falling out and grow back last time. im sure itll help this time to but one thing i need to do is do my relaxation exercisies so i dont end up going totally nuts and end up in the hospital again. anyway on other news iv not had to shave my legs and under arms so much and not because of the loose hair thing it never affected that just the head. iv always been one of those girls that if i didnt shave my under arms every day they looked bad and if i didnt shave my legs once every two days you saw it but actually everyday after shaving later on id feel the hair growing back. anyway i think the reason is becuase iv been useing baby soap and lotion on my skin. you know how soft and smooth the skin of a baby is and how people use the baby wash and lotion on them. well iv come to the conclusion that the baby wash and lotion must be a big factor on keeping there skin soft and smooth becuase of this not needing to shave as much. see i started putting baby soap and baby lotion in separate bottles and adding scent to them of my likeing. it is much cheaper than buying scented soap and lotion all the time. i use 4 to 6 ounce bottles and baby soap and lotion come in much bigger bottles for around the same price as the scented adult stuff does that is in those size bottles. seeing since i can use the baby soap and lotion more than once to make more than one scent thatll last a while i decided to do it. scented oil always lasts a long time to because you only need very little in the bottles. anyway i definitely think thats what is makeing my skin smoother and me not need to shave so much. ladies with the same hairy leg and arm problem might want to try useing baby soap and lotion it might do the same for you as it is me.

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