Monday, July 4, 2011


ok so i put up on etsy custom order corner a request for custom made fragrence oil. this woman rtisan is what it comes up with on the name part contacted me being all lecturing. she was like you shouldnt order fragrence oils from regular people who make them and you should never buy them for places other than the store that sells products in that scent. if you do its just gonna be very bad quality and none of it will be skin safe even if it says it is.i responed to her and said i did not ask for a lecture and i want a custom made scent i will not get that from any bath store. i did not say i needed skin safe in fact a lot of non skin safe products are just as good on the skin as others. i make soap laundry soap and lotion for me and my FAMILIES use. i do not always use skin safe products becuase just putting a little of the stuff does not bother the skin. i have used many times 2 or 3 drops for a 4 ounce bottle of soap or lotion and 1 ounce of scented oil for 3 gallons of laundry soap. it just depends on how much you use of it. in fact a lot of so called skin safe stuff you buy if you use more than that amount in those type things as described already it makes your skin irritated. she contacted me again all huffy saying well the fda has a big guidline on what we can sell. iv heard of people useing non skin safe products and selling it and getting in trouble with the law and never being able to sell again. there was a lady who made and sold makeup on here she used something none skin safe and got arrested and got booted off here. i responded and said what does this have to do with me? i do not have a shop on here for one. for two i said it was for me and my families use. plenty of people on here sell non skin safe scented oils. please do not contact me again. i did not ask for you to lecture me. leave me alone

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