Sunday, July 24, 2011


i turned 26 on the 21rst but we had my birthday party today which is sunday. we always have the family over on sunday so that is why we did it today. anyway before my sisters came over my mom got grandpa from the home and brought him here. he watched with us the tv show called an animal saved my life and we talked about the show. in the show they were recreating this house flooding with the man and dog in it. they were in balexy missippi or something like that when katrina happened. the dog was 18 years old and the man at the time was 80 something. well the man had decided to stay cuse he was on higher ground and didnt think anything happen. he had to dog on a matress floating when the water was so high. he was hiting his ceiling and just barely able to keep his head above water. everytime the man was getting so tired and ready to give up the dog would go to him and lick lick lick him. it got him to keep going till the water went down because katrina had went off. we were talking about how animals can really give a person great companionship as we watched the show. we also talked about our dog queenie and how we didnt think shed do much of nothing but hide if something like that happened same for the cat. grandpa said he had seen people who had special bonds with there pets before and had never thought an animal be smart enough to recognize things like a person in pain or giveing up the fight. we also watched an episode where this woman had a heart attack and her pig went out in the road and got help. the pig didnt give up till he got someone to stop. he would go from checking on her to the road trying to get someone to stop. he did this for like an hour till someone stopped followed the pig and found the woman. we were like yeah it seems that pig knew his master needed help and was determined to get it. grandpa had never thought an animal be intelligent enough or loveing enough to do such things. he was asking if this show was a fictional show and we told him no its true stories that there reenacting with people. this really happened. i found it nice that we got in that conversation with grandpa. once both my sisters were over we ate the cake and ice cream and talked a while. they made me put on this stupid hat thats shaped like a birthday cake with candles and you push a button and it sings happy sister toni and her daughter abi and my neice scarlet my sister honors child all went outside a while. they were pulling weeds and playing. after so long we decided to just do the presents without them. from toni got a card with some money in it. not very much money but money none the less cuse they didnt know what to get me. from honor i got a purse and a change purse with my birth sign on it. the purse had the picture of the crab and the word cancer and the change purse said cancer. in the purse were some scratch offs. maybe 5 dollars worth of them. i only won a ticket off one of them but thats ok. we talked a while longer then honor my oldest nephew jacobus and abi and i all went for a walk. we went pretty far but the kids were being silly. for one a dead squirrel was on the road and they had to to poke it with sticks. then later there was a bird with a broken wing and jacobus wanted to pick it up and take it home but we told him he couldnt. its not that i dont feel for the bird but that happens in nature. he cant take care of it nor can we and we must alow nature to take its corse. who knows it might live and heal on its own. that does happen more than you think for birds in nature. we went home and played with nicky my littest nephew whose 7 months old. abi played with scarlet with slime type stuff. mom took grandpa home cuse it was almost his dinner time and me my sisters mom and dad all talked a bit longer before they went was a nice day actualy.on my birthday i got my presents from mom. i got season 2 and 3 of beatsmastrer the tv show and scratchoffs. i won 20 dollars off those scratch offs. i have already watched the entire first disk of season 2 of beastmaster. there were 4 epeisodes on it and i watched them all in one day. i love that show unfortuantlyit only lasted 3 seasons. i think it could of lasted longer if it wasnt on during the time xena and hercules the legendary journies were so popular. in fact i think one of those was on at the same time as beastmaster on another channel everyday beastmaster was on with a new episode. so yeah those through it out. i think if they had made it after xena and hercules were off the air it would of lasted longer. still it is a good show. i am into a lot of those fantasy/ science fiction shows. i dont mean the ones where there in spaceships doing stuff or x files but stuff with mythical creatures and action and adventures and suspense. anyway today was very good and i hope to have a good day tomorrow to.

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