Sunday, July 3, 2011


today was a great day. we celebrated abis birthday even though her birthday was on the 30th. abi, jacobus (her older brother) and i when we were outside did snap and pops. my 2 year old niece scarlet was not interested in those. she was into the bubbles we had out. my grandpa and dad and sister honor and bro in law jj and mom were all on the hill watching us. grandpa was holding nicky who is almost 7 months old. my sister toni abi and jacobus's mom was messing with the garden. my sister tonis oldest child helen is spending the weekend with a friend. scarlet watched us a little as we did the snap and pops and we tried to get her to do some but she showed no interest. nicky kept looking at us while we through the snap n pops on the ground and them popping like what you doing whats makeing that noise. he was not afraid at all. after a while my sister toni did some of those snake things. she loves those things even though she always burns her fingers lighting them. we went in side for a while then cuse it began to thunder and lightening out and we didnt want to be stuck in that. scarlet was not happy about going inside. when inside we ate cake then gave abi her birthday presents. my sister toni hates that i gave abi a bubble gum makeing kit. she says dad and i will be doing that with abi. after that we put in the justin beiber cd mom got abi and mom me and scarlet and abi all danced. my grandpa watched scarlet with amusement. after that we went outside and did the party poppers but scarlet would not do them she just watched. she did play with the confetti though. grandpa staid inside with dad and nicky while we did the chickens,trains,frogs,motercycles, and airplane. all those do similar things. they shoot out sparks on the ground move a little make a noise and thats it. some of them shoot of sparks in differnt ways though. scarlet liked the first couple. then one went a little crazy with sparks and even though we were all in the yard away we all had to run farther a way. she got upset then. she was not burned or anything just it scared her. she staid out for one more but the screaming it made made her cry and she wanted in. we brought her in to dad and he held her and played with the blocks with her. she calmed down. then we went and did the rest of our fireworks. after they were done we went in and talked a while. time flew so fast that grandpa missed his dinner so we ordered pizza and he ate here with everyone else. after dinner mom took grandpa home and my sisters left with there kids to. so today was a very good day for us. i am very happy that we got to do our fireworks before it stormed. we we not gonna do fireworks cuse there so expensive but i wanted to do day time ones and i had the money from my allowance to spend on them so i did. it was nice to do and im happy i got to buy them. well have a happy fourth to all americans

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