Tuesday, June 21, 2011


i had a great day today.i was doing a survey and since i qualified the survey company is going to send me deodorant to try out and tell them what i think.i like that idea becuase itll be free and its something i can use.i love getting free stuff. like just recently i did a product test for razors that i got free.they are pretty good to but they do rust pretty quick.the bran is bic and the name of the razors are soleil bella.yesterday i got a free sample of wet dog food. its a small can about the size of a can of cat food.still will be at least good for one feeding.thats good for us since we dont have a lot of money comeing in.every penny we can save is great so getting free stuff is good for us.also today i got the first season of relic hunter in the mail.its a pretty good show from what i see.its about a woman archeologist/college history professor and her assistant who get in all sorts of adventures when there hunting for stuff. its described as a mix between tomb raider and Indiana Jones.iv only seen two episodes so far and there pretty good. its very action packed and full of suspense. the beginning of the show is realy long. you know the show starter where they show the people and under neath there names and show little things that happen in the show.anyway that beginning on both epsiodes was a long time and so was the ending credits of each episode.the show itself without commercials isnt that long but its good.i found it on amazon. there are unfortunately only three season but thats ok

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