Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/24/11 part 2

i was reading some of my old posts since i put popular posts on here. just by reading it it reminds me how we though nicky was gonna be a girl. the doctor's 80 percent sure hes a girl was way wrong. i had wanted him to be a boy so i could finaly say i had neices and nephews but in the end his health and happiness was all that mattered. i find it cool thought that nicky ended up being a little boy.he is pretty healthy to but hes a big mamas boy.yes he has had some health issues and given us some scares but hes mainly healthy. he is already crawling and trying to stand up. we have a feeling he will be walking on his own before hes 1 just like his mama (my sister honor). he has already grown 1 tooth well its not fully cut out all the way but pretty much is.he likes to play with it with his tongue and fingers.he is so adorable. i cant belive time has flown so past that honor isnt still early pregnant with him and were thinking hes a girl. time flies so quickly sometimes one day is over when it seems it just started other days it goes by so slow. they say as you grown older you see time fly by quicker im only 26 and i see it fly by quick now. i cant imagine how fast in my eyes itll pass when im up in my 40's and older.

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