Sunday, May 29, 2011


well today was very nice and sunny out.i was so happy. it was very humid though because all the rain we been getting and all the water in the ground.i hate it was so humid which made it so much hotter but i liked the sunshine so you take what you can mom and i were out of town today. we went to st louis just for fun to shop around.i have not done that in a long time.its been over a month since we have done yes this was nice. we went to borders and mom bought a rock painting guid and kit and a justin beiber cd for my neice abi's birthday presents.i already have her presents so since i didnt find anything i wanted i did not buy anything.we went to marshals but didnt not find what we were looking was looking for a bath robe for grandpa but no one has them at this time of year.i find that stupid since people wear them this time of year to.after we left marshals we went to dollar tree and mom bought a lot of stuff.she found some dandruff shampoo for grandpa,some razers,bar soap,shaveing foam,cleaning wipes, and a lot of oither stuff i cant recall.i myself bought some toothbrushs,new orleans style seasoning,4 things of lip balm,some coca butter lotion,a two pack of scented body spray,3 differnt frozen dinners,a coca cola glass,3 bags of chips when you added tax that ended up being 17.29. thats not bad really.after we went there we went and got some food at white castles. i bought my own and mom bought her own.i love white castles. we ate most of what we both had but ended up bringing some home.we then went to tj max still looking for a robe for grandpa. we did not find that.i looked there as i did at marshals at dress's.i hate those name brand fashion stuff cuse they never have any plus size clothes and when they do they are butt ugly.this is what i found at both places.i found one cute dress a tj max that would fit me but it was a winter dress that was black and very little other colors.that is way to hot for summer and even if it wasnt a winter dress the black would attract the sun and be way to hot. i dont like dark colors for spring and summer clothes because of that reason.after tj. max we went to target. i did not find anything i wanted but mom found a mens watch that you just slide over your hand onto your wrist.she got that for grandpa since he doesnt have one and is always looking at his wrist.after all those stores we got on the highway and headed home. we saw a gas station at an exit off the highway that had gas real cheap so we pulled off and got some gas.after that we went back on the highway towards and i listened to the music on the radio and sang to it on the way was a very nice day.problem is when we got home dad was messing with the air conditioner.hes trying to put a window one up in the window of the family room and its not going in.he is pissed and griping and yelling and banging things and cusing.that is a big annoyance. also had a big anoyance when out that took 15 minutes to clean off my shoe.yep you guessed it i steped in gum someone through on the ground.i do so hate when people do shoe kept sticking to the ground and id end up tripping when i was was anoying.i mean seriously people you dont like stepping in gum on the ground so why do you spit it on the ground its rude.anyway the day was well

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