Sunday, June 5, 2011


our dog could of died of over heating today. anyway my sister toni and her kids were over and mom took abi tonis youngest outside.they didnt know queenie got out.they didnt feel her brush against there legs runing out.they didnt see her out there cuse they were looking at the garden.they went in and it had been over 2 hours later and my sister toni happened to look out the window and see queenie panting and barely walking outside. we rushed and carried her in.we had to put her in cool water in the tub which helped alot. then we had to hold her near the fan and let it blow on her. she was panting like crazy.every one was so upset and we couldnt figer out when she had gotten out.we finaly nared it down to when mom and abi went out but they were like we didnt know she got we had to give her gatorade and keep rubbing a cool rag with ice in it on her.then my sister honor her husband and 2 kids came and we said to them try and keep scarlet away and not get queenie to exited and there like why and we told them. jj honoirs husbad asked what we had done for her cuse hes been going to school for a medical degree and knows some things you can do for humans when they get that hot instead of takeing them to the hospital.we had done all that for now she is doing better shes sleeping alot now.we just know anytime we go out we have to look and see if she got out. also anytime we go in we have to check around the yard and see if shes out and make her come in.we are gonna have to be more careful becuase we do not need a repeat of this. the older two were worried but not crying worried but abi was crying.i was about to so glad shes would of been terrible if she had died everyone be baling there eyes out and when honor and jj got there theyd be like whats wrong and wed tell them then theyd cry and cuse everyone be crying nicky and scarlet cry even though they didnt be cry fest hear and wed have to bury her.shes 8 years old and i know dogs dont live as long as people but id like to have her a couple more years at least.that was scary with her panting and being so hot.we have got to be more careful.

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