Saturday, May 28, 2011


yes i know it has been a long time since i posted on here.iv just not been wanting to post plus pretty grandfather moved in an assisted living home near us.we are very happy he is parents and i have been running like chickens with our heads cut off doing things for him though.we visit him many times during the week.he seems very happy because we are all visiting sister honor has visited him many times with her two little ones.grandpa lex loved little nicodemus.i cant blame him its the first little boy hes been able to hold and have to do with in the family.he only had my mom and then mom had my sister honor and me yes she raised my sister toni to but grandpa never got to know tonis kids when they were her son now beong 14 he likes the boy but never got to know him as a little one.seeing since its all girls otherwise in this family he is very happy with nicky.its not that grandpa doesnt love the other kids but for him never haveing a son or grandsons this great grand son is thrilling.he loves my sister honors oldest which is a girl.her daughter is 2 and 5 months now.he loves watching her run him it is exciting to see them grow and go through all the stages the two little ones are going through.he also enjoys my sister tonis youngest daughter.her daughter will be 8 this june.he loves her cuse shes still little and going through fazes of growing and learning still.its not that he doesnt enjoy the older two but there 15 to be 16 and 14 years know at those ages your just smart mouthed think you know everything and wanna date and not have much to do with your family.if he lives to see them out of that stage i think hell enjoy them was very sisters and there children are on vacation this weekend all together at lake of the ozarks.yes my eldist sisters 3 kids are out of school for the summer so there not missing any anyway my dad and i have to go by both there places to make sure everything is ok.we get tonis mail and see to her plants and we go to honors and take care of her anyway we did that today.then we went and saw grandpa.we sat outside on the patio with him talking about stuff.he seemed happy to have us over.we were there for over an hour.he ended up getting pretty tired and so we left so he could take a nap.hes 79 i think that once your 79 your gonna get tired more often and when you live that long hey you earned being able to take naps.once home dad got the bar soap out the grinder and a bowl and i ground up the soap.we grind up bar soap for makeing laundry soap.yeah we make our own laundry soap.its pretty cheap actualy.all you need is 1 regular size bar of soap which you can get a pack of 3 or 4 at the dollar also need a container that will hold over three gotta have borax and washing has to be washing soda it cant be bakeing soda.borax comes in a big box and its like 10 dollars and washing soda the same.anyway you use one cup of borax one cup washing soda three gallons hot boil 4 cups water in a pot pour ground soap in and mix till soap desolves it is best pour only half the ground soap stuff in at a time. then pour that into the liquid in container.mix up your lasts us over a month.of corse the borax and washing soda lasts a long time have multiple makeings of this stuff with yeah its much cheaper than buying laundry soap.the reason when its made up in the 3 gallon thing last us only a month is cuse both my sisters use it to.only catch is before each use you gotta stir up the stuff pretty good.really the most expensive thing is adding need an ounce of whatever scent youd like if you want any.what we do is go to dollar tree and buy the body spray know those are in 3 or 4 ounce containers and each container of body spray is a we pour some of that in the stuff when we make it up but not all of we got at least 3 makeings of the laundry soap of the body spray scent for it.well that is if we dont use a bunch of body spray between the times we need it for the laundry soap again.yeah we go to dollar tree alot. our dollar tree isnt very close to us but when we go we stock up on things. we get our disposable razors there our cleaning supplies the body spray the bar soap and a few other things everytime we go. we always end up getting other things for gifts or something that well only use once there to.but seeing with what we get and we stock up on it so we dont have to buy more we save a little money.yeah gas is outlandish but to compensate for the useing so much gas we go other places there to.but anyway you really should try makeing your own laudry soap it saves lots of money in the end when you compare how much a bottle of laundry soap is and how quick you go through it.besides all laundry soap is made of a bunch of water and very little of the chemicals even in those expensive brand name stuff you buy.but anyway iv been doing good here i hope all of you been doing well as well.i hope ill be writeing in here soon again.take care all bye

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