Saturday, April 23, 2011


this is saterday and this entire week we have been haveing rain and terrible storms. on tuesday we had a hail storm that produced baseball sized hail. also some places were hit by a tornado that night. well anyway last night which was friday night many places were hit by tornados some for the second time this week.there is so much damamge all over st louis but surprisingly very few people hurt.the news says we will have more rain all the way until thursday of next week. they say we should get anoth 10 to 15 inches. they say if that happens all over there will be flooding. this weather here has been treating us bad. its kinda like mother nature has it in for us.i feel sorry for all the people whose houses were messed up or completly destoryed by the tornandoes. also the st louis airport is closed indefintly due to tornado damage. people who were in the airport who worked there or were gonna get on a plane said id was scary the wind going through. then the glass breaking and cutting people up. they said that there were a bunch of service men who were supposed to catch a plane. the service men started checking out the injured and makeing sure everyone else was ok. they started to patch up the injured as best they could.that tells you even when our military aint on the battle field there helping people in this country.they gott be brave to go through a tornado and while its still messing the airport up takeing care of the people hurt.god bless them boys who did that.still the people who were cut by the glass had minor injuries.all over the place no one was severly hurt and the tornadoe hit all over.its gotta be terrifying to have one of them messing your house up and destroying things all around wanting to se if my sister is ok cuse she and her husand and kids were in the city at cosco when all this went down. i dont know if cosco had people all in back rooms or what.i could swear mother nature is mad at people recently cuse she is messing stuff up all over.

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