Monday, March 28, 2011


well for one thing my little nephew nicky has been haveing a skin rash. we are kinda thinking it is exzima but are not sure. my sister honor his mother is takeing him to the doctor to see what it is.i hope it is nothing serious and its easily taken care of.nicky is deffintly a more high maitnence baby than his sister was. he is lactos intolernt so he has to drink soy formula plus hes one of those babies who doesnt like to be in a room alone for one second.he also is one of those babies who hates to be put down. so yeah hes more high maintenance but thats ok.anyway iv been haveing problems finding clothes recently. i am wanting to get rid of alot of those real low cut things that show your boobs. i found some dress's i ordered of that did not fit right.for one they sent me two of the same dress and anyhow the one i tried on was to low cut see through and didnt fit right. it did not look anything like that in the picture of it on then i also got a brown dress that was suposed to be maternity. no im not pregnant but iv found maternity dress's look just the same as others and have more room. anyway i got an extra large in it and it was to tight in chest and if i moved my arms much id rip it or if i inhaled deeply id rip it.see since it was maternity and extra large i thought it fit better cuse extra large means bigger women and maternity means usualy bigger in chest and belly and stuff but nope. it got me very upset becuase i was not sure how we would return it and get our money was taken care of though. my mother had to go to troy to see a cosuin and i went with. our cousin is my grandfathers legal gaurdian and he had to sign grandpas car over to mom. grandpa gets lost to much so he cant have a car anymore.anyway after we got that done we had to drive through washington where there is a we went there and returned the clothes and the money was put back on moms charge card. since we were near it and it wasnt to late we went to goodwill. i found 1 dress that is nice. it has long sleeves so its a little warm. mom says she might be able to make it short sleeve at some time. my problem with finding clothes is things a young woman myself would wear tends to be really short and low cut. i dont like that. i do not like anything cut above the knee and i do not want alot of show your boobs off clothes. i also dont like things with zippers and i didnt want real dark colors or white or off white. yeah i know the last things arent just in young womens but yeah im picky. with my being so picky i have not found anything besides this one dress. i was glad for that because it looks good.anyway after that mom and i went and got lunch at burger king and it was a late lunch. i ate my fill then we headed home. once we got home and i had put everything away the mail came. in the mail i got this purse i ordered for myself. it is a voodoo doughnuts purse.someone hand made it from a box that once held doughnuts from the store voodoo doughnuts. the box peices are on some wood and then laminated over so they wont fall apart. then the wood is attached by some cloth and it has handles and a clasp.i like it because it is unusual. i know it wont be able to hold much in weight because the cloth isnt that strong.i think it will be able to take my wallet and change purse and a pad for just in case i need it.i am sure i will get comments from people when im in the store about how unusual the purse is. anyway today went great and i hope all of you are doing well.

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