Friday, March 4, 2011


well my week has been eventful so far.on monday i went out of town with mom and sister. i had a good day then. i think i already wrote about this though. anyhow also on monday my oldest neice punched her mother in the face. yeah you read that sister had to call the police on her and they talked to her but didnt arest her.also that same day before the punching incident my oldest nephew got beat up on the bus.his whole upper part of his arm is bruised. my nephew is 14 and the guy who did it is a 19 year old high yeah my sister had to go the school about that.apparently the bus driver nor any of the kids on the bus did anything. that even includes my oldest neice his big sister.anyway the juvy officer talked to my nephew took pictures of him and had him file a police report. as far as i know the kid is gonna plead sister also told the juvy officer about the incident with her daughter and he had a good talking with her.i cant really recall what all was going on this week till thrusday. i believe it was all chores.on thursday it was very nice out so i took the dog for a walk. she enjoyed that very much.i also got to sit outside and read a while that day.then later that night i helped cook diner then mom and me played some rummy.we didnt play for long cuse my sister toni ended up coming over.she needed to get some of the laundry detergent we home make.she sat and talked a little while with us. today was busy to. for one my neice abi got sick with strep throat. the school called cuse they couldnt get ahold of her mom. my mother ended up going and getting her and keeping her a while till we got ahold of my sister her mom. this sister is who has the oldest neice and oldest nephew to.anyway sister came here and talked a bit then took her daughter home.then my caseworker came and we talked and then my dad and i went grocery good thing im happy about is i got my royaltys check from publish america. i did not expect to get was only for $9.76 which is not alot but still its more than what i had.i also got charmed season 6. i did not expect to be getting that yet but i anyway so far this week has been busy busy. one more day till the end of this week hopefuly it wont be so busy

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