Monday, February 28, 2011


i know i havent wrote in a long time but really theres not been much to write about. also i dont have many people following and commenting on the things i say.anyway today was a very good day. i my mother and my sister honor all went to st louis to shop.we went to borders on watson road and i bought a few things for birthday presents for my two neices whose birthdays will be here soon of them i got a clutch type bag with a character from a movie series she likes.she also got a journal with a character from vampire diaries on the front and another on the sorry i cant be more specific but i dont know if she knows my blogs address. so i wouldnt want her or her little sister to know what exactly there getting if they do read this. as for her little sister i got her a kit to make something candy type but not really gives all differnt flavors for it and you an mix and match flavors.she should love it.i did not find anything for myself there but that is perfectly fine. i dont really need anything i just wanted to go to st louis to some stores.we then went to a store called once upon a child. this is a resale store that sells kids clothes and some maternity clothes.i found for my littlest nephew 2 shirt that are size 24 months. yes there a big for him now but i got them so that he will have them for when he gets bigger.also they were on sale so i only paid 1.08 for them both together.once upon a child is a great store they do have alot of sales. all there clothes look pretty good. none of the clothes have holes or stains or can also get the cutest outfits pretty has clothes for babies on up to kids around 7 or 8.there is a store thats a resale store right next to it with clothes for teenage girls. most the clothes are made for the smaller built girls.the prices are not as cheap as once upon a child.the clothes in the store are mainly name brand clothes but the clothes look so good. they have no stain not rips no holes not dirty so they all look pretty new.i think anyone who lives close enough to st louis to drive there both those stores are in the same plaza as hobby lobby and dollar tree. those stores are right across the street from walmart and chilies and ocharlies and white castles.if you got children those two stores are great and also in once upon a child they sell kids toys for pretty cheap. some of them have never been used and they as well as the clothes are in great condition.after we went to once upon a child we went to dollar tree. that dollar tree is huge.i found a couple things to put in the clutch for my niece for her birthday. i think she will like for the other niece i got her a few things that grow in water. she does seem to like those things and well these were unique things to grow in water.i thought she would like those for her birthday to.after that i looked for easter gifts for all the kids. unfortunatly i did not find anything for my littlest nephew besides for a washrag thing. you put the thing in water and the washrag slowly grows out of it.i know he wont be able to do it and watch it since hell only be 3 months old.i just thought it be a nice little washrag for my sister to give him baths youngest neice whose only 2 i got some stacking toys that she can play with in the tub and some berry scented bubble bath and i got her one of the wash rag things. her is of deago from go deago sure she will like those for her easter eldist neice i got something she can wear that glows in the dark and i got her something she can wear on her feet that looks kinda weird and i also got her one of those wash rag things. my eldist nephew my eldest nieces little brother i found a couple of joke type things and i got him one of the washrags to.then there little sister i got something she can wear that glows in the dark and a toy that glows in the dark to and one of those washrags as well.yes i know that what i got them for easter was very cheap being it was from the dollar tree.i am a cheap skate ill admit it but i always try to get nice things cheap.these things are nice and they will like them.i found one thing for me there as well. i found a book called reinfield slave of Dracula.if you have ever read Bram stokers Dracula reinfield was the guy in the insane asylum that had worked for him.anyway this is supposed to be reinfields diary of sorts.supposedly he talks about stuff that happened with Dracula and how he was still getting messages from Dracula.of corse he talks about delusional things he does and thinks to.iv heard about this book and from what iv heard its good. iv heard in one part hes eating he eats biugs then goes to spiders then birds. its his delusion that by eating them he gets there life force in him.anyway i am sure i will like it when i do get around the reading it. heck it was only a dollar and i do love stories about Dracula that people have know the newer stories about that character and the charecters in bram stokers book.also this was the only one of that book in there.i just had to get it.after we left dollar tree we drove across the street to chilies and ate there.i got some club chicken tacos and a coke zero. this came with chili and some rice. i loved the tacos and chili. my sister got a sandwich and salad and mom got a spicy chicken sandwich. honor got to drink a coke zero and mom got a strawberry lemonade. after we finished our meal we got one piece of cheescake and shared wasnt a really big peice but it was good. we left full as could be and headed home. the ride home was enjoyable cuse we just talked for the longest time about stuff.the only time it was kinda suck is when we got stuck in traffic around a bad wreck. luckly there was a rest stop right near. we drove through the rest stops parking lot back onto the highway which was past the wreck.everyone was doing that instead of waiting in the long line cuse of ambulance and stuff.once back on the road and away from it we got back to talking and enjoying ourselves. we got my sister to her house and she gave her daughter what she bought her and mom gave scarlet what she bought her to.then mom and me came went out right afterwords and took my sisters laundry to her and got my she was gone my sister toni and her three kids came over.she and dad talked a long time and the two older kids got into the conversation got home and gave each one of the kids the things she bought for them. they seem to like them.anyway this was my entire day today and for me it was wonderful. i dont normaly get to get out this long during a day with my mom and do stuff. it was really nice to have my sister honor along to without her kids.would of been even better if my sister toni could of come to without her kids.dont get me wrong i do love the kids but sometimes its just nice to have a family thing with just the grown ups.well i hope all of you had a good day today doing whatever you did.

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