Tuesday, March 15, 2011


there are a couple of things i am wanting to tell you about today. for one my little nephew nicky will be 3 months old tomorrow. he is adorable and he had his first taste of vanilla ice cream from sonic yesterday.my mom got ice cream for my sister me scarlet and herself when we were at my sisters house. well nicky saw everyone eating it and kept looking like give me some. so i took a very little bit on my finger which pretty much melted all the way once i did. then i let him suck it off my finger. he seemed to like it and i did it one more time for him.he looked so happy to of got himself some of the yummy ice cream everyone else was eating. it was so cute. well in other news i am a member of a site called bzzagent.com. this is a product testing sight where you get free products to test but do not get paid for it.well recently i got 4 full size containers of maybelline superstay lip stain.i tried the first on out yesterday morning. it dried pretty quicly on my lips the color. which was a bit of a minus for me but might be a plus for other women. it was a minus for me becuase i had smeered a tiny bit and it didnt wipe off to easly since it dried so fast.then i put on the second part of the lip stain which is a solid stick but looks like a lip gloss on the lips.it made my lips not feel so dry like they had felt with the lip stain on by itself.i wore the lip stain for around 6 hours and it did not make colored lip prints on glass cups or on napkins. it was supposed to stay on 24 hours but in 6 hours i had removed it when i took a shower and washed my face. it came off pretty easly when washing.for me thats a plus since i did not want to sleep with it on. im sure it would of lasted longer on me if i had not washed my face. although the fact that getting my face wet with a good amount of water and it comeing off my lips could be a problem to. i mean if it rained heavy and you got caught in the rain it could come off and get all over you without you useing a wash cloth to wipe it off the rest of the way.still this lip stain is pretty good.

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