Thursday, March 17, 2011


well today has been a busy day. for one i was at my sister honors watching her two little ones while she and her husband went to wic.i was there from 10:30 to 1:40. after that i came home and found a huge box at the door. i looked at it and it was from the box was very heavy and i had no clue what was in it. when i opened it i found a 15 pound bag of dry dog food to test for a survey.i had no clue i was getting this but hey free dog food i dont mind.i did a bunch of surveys after opening that and then i ate and took noon meds. grantid noon meds were late but therejust vitomins so thats ok. after that i went and dusted then the mail came. i got a big box delivered from them from . well i knew what this would be but i didnt know exactly what products and if they would be full size.well i got 1 full size glade scented candle, one full size refill for glade pluggins,1 full size can of pledge to clean with, 1 full size scrubing bubbles stuff to clean with and 1 full size thing of scrubing bubbles you stamp in the tolit and it will clean it for a long we will have plenty of cleaning supplies for a while with this stuff.on bzzagent you do not get paid for testing these products unlike with mysurvey but my survey you dont always get products but your always getting surveys.on bzzagent you have to do a qualification survey and then if you qualify youl get it. on bzzagent you have to do some stuff so they will let you know when a product test is available instead of you looking all the time.i have that status of being told when a product test is is really neat being able to test all these products completly free and just give my opinion to the product testing site for took me hours to find the product testing sites im on and hours to find decent survey sites im on. i am grateful i took that time to find these places. i love doing all this stuff and getting paid or getting free products or both.getting these free things from the companys always is a big help for us a low income family haveing the roughest time makeing ends meet. it is also nice getting money from survey companies when i do the surveys i qualify for.alot of people would never guess these sites exsist and really do as they say. they are and they do and i love them.if you ever decide to check out bzzagent you will not be disapointed and you do not have to pay to be a member nor one penny to get any of the items which means they ship free to you just takes time and patence to do this stuff and you will not regret it when you do.


  1. Well, you GO, girl! I'm really glad you found these great places to do these surveys. I'd always wondered if these places were real...I'm glad to know that they are.

    This economy has been hard on so many people. You just hang in there, sweetie. I hope these survey people realize how wonderful you are.

    Stay well...and keep the faith!

  2. thank you kathryn. i do it becuase im disabled anyway and i like giveing my opinion. i also am very lucky if i get 10 dollars to spend on junk from my check. so my doing these surveys give me the money to be able to buy presents for people and the past year iv made a little over 200 dollars being on so many of them and doing them multiple times a day