Tuesday, January 25, 2011


yesterday wasa nice day for me.i got my hair cut by my sister toni for one thing.it looks very nice. it is cut just below chin length al the way around.i like the way it looks.i also hung out with my sister toni for a long time.we talked and went to taco bell and ate.we enjoyed ourselves just hanging out and talking.after being with toni for a few hours she dropped me off at home. mom and dad were watching the show next great baker.i was not very intrested in that and so i went in the family room and watched some charmed on dvd.after one episode it was close to 4 pm and the mail finaly came.dad got it and i got a couple things in the mail.one was this brooch i had ordered to go with my collection.it looks like an open paper fan but you cant close it or fold it any. also on the brooches from there looks like its and eagle siting on a branch. it is a very nice picture.i also got a survey in the mail. it was some starkiss asian meal.yeah aprently the star kiss tuna people are wanting to make microwaveable meals.well i tried to eat the meal today and blah it was bad. when i first opened it it looked god awful. then when i cooked it it smeeled god awful,i stired it around and tried it and was disgusted by it. for one it tasted way to peppery but there was more flavor than just the peppers that made it gross.i had to spit it out cuse i couldnt even swallow it it was that gross.my mom thought it was just cuse it had tuna and some peppers in it that i didnt like it. she says i dont like tuna or vegitables. i do like tuna but not often and i eat vegitables just dont like alot of them.anyway i had her try it and she made a face and gaged when she tried to swallow it.i said now then you see it does taste nasty.she had to spit the junk out to.i wrote on the peice of paper how bad it tasted and suff for the questions they asked about it.i will be refrencing back to this paper when i get the survey online.oh yeah also yesterday i saw honor and her two kids for a little bit.mom had to bring honor her laundry over and then we sat and talked. scarlet brought out toys and showed them to us.i played with her some. little nicky woke up and was cooing and looking around.i held him for a little bit. i also shook his ratle for him an let him look at the stuff in it move. he seemed to like that plus the noise.hes a pretty good baby.anyway my went good yesterday and so fa today it has gone pretty good.

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