Sunday, January 16, 2011


for one little nicky turned 1 month old today.he is adorable.i fed him and burped him before he was all the way finished with the bottle. he sucked on my neck when i was doing that. he is sisters and there kids were here because we did jacobus's birthday party today. also it is sunday and there all always over on sunday.well we had cake that my sister toni and jacobus made and it was good.we then gave him his presents. he liked the little plaster mummy makeing kit i got him. i also got him some books and some solid cologne he liked those things mom got him one of those fushegee balls that they advertise on tv. he was messing with that for hours trying to do the moves. he watched the dvd that went with it and was trying to do the moves after hed seen it.he kept dropping it though he did get one of the easyer moves uncle george his wife and 16 year old son came down from st louis which is an hour and a half's drive from here.they had to something for dad.well they got to talking for a long time. there boy and jacobus went outside and messed with the uncle george's son is 6 foot 7. yeah he is a giant especially compared to this family. most people born to this family are lucky to get to 5 foot yeah the boy is a giant.anyway we had a great day today

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