Tuesday, November 30, 2010


so my neice knows i read her diary.she is so pissed.says she doesnt want to see me or speak to me.says shes so humiliated.doesnt matter i knew it would happen.shell get over it.she will relize the reason it was done was to protect her from harm and to keep her from makeing a big mistake.it was so we could help her out with her problems she would not tell us.i dont agree with just reading it to read it but as a last resort when youve tried talking to them and when you know something is up yes read it.read there texts read there emails read there diaries.my sister her mother reads her texts and emails from time to time anyhow.when my neice relizes why i read it and she eventualy will she will understand it.that will be when shes older of corse.still shell get over it with me doing it and be ok soon enough.you do what you got to do to protect the child and help them out and keep them from makeing big mistakes. everything will be ok im sure itll all work itself out.i dont care if my neice is pissed i did what i had to do.she will get over it.i love her and ill do what i can to keep her safe as will her mother and other family members.

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