Sunday, November 28, 2010


my sister seems to think the woman lily who she left her kids with is great.she says lily watches the kids great.really now i must say she may be in the room watching them but shes not paying attention to them.i mean heres and example her son has broke his arms multiple times and his legs to.he is reckless of his 4 wheeler and has done it many times.she and her husband will be standing near watching him play on it but are not paying nephew has talked about some of the things her son does on it.if they were paying attention he would not of had all the wrecks and been hurt so much.also my dad was just over to there moms house where lily is staying with the kids.her son was sitting on the couch with my sisters daughter.they were all over each other.lily and her husband were sitting right there.they were not paying attention cuse if they had been the kids wouldnt of been doing that.ether that or they just dont care.those are not the type of people you need watching your light of what i know my neice and her boyfriend have done it just upsets me that my sister trusts this gonna have to point this stuff out to her when shes home.hopefuly itll get into her thick head that lily is not the type to leave her kids with .drives me nuts that my sister decided to leave the kids with that woman while shes gone in texas seeing her dieing mother.the woman doesnt have that good a track record on paying attention to her own kids.why would she do any better with my sisters.ugg i hate it

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