Wednesday, December 1, 2010


iv been meaning to recommend a book to you guys.just have had to many thing on my mind i guess.i recently finished it.i read it in 2 was 124 pages long.the first day i read a little less than half the book in 3 hours.the next day i read the was very good. this book is based on the popular tv series charmed. it is full of action and get to learn a few things about past incidents before the charmed ones that happened in the vicinity of the house. you also get to know the charecters in a bit of a more personal way. you also got to re live through the eyes of the charmed ones some of the things that had happened to them over the years. such as you got to relive piper having Wyatt. this book was very good and i one of those books that for me is a keeper. the book is called house of shards. i know it is sold on amazon because i bought in on amazon.i believe amazon itself doesn't sell it but other people do who sell on amazon. anyway this is a definite must read book

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