Friday, September 3, 2010


so my sister is getting ticked off with her doctor.hes been saying for a long time her blood pressure isnt doing got better when he put her on the water pills.well this time he says its been doing bad for a long time and he thinks the baby needs to be taken 3 weeks early.shes saying if it was doing bad so long why didnt you put me on blood pressure medicen and he wont say anything.he also barely does an ultasound.he just kind moves it sees the baby for a sec and ok done.then he doesnt let my sister listen to the babies heart time he was 80% positive its gonna be a girl.then this last time he says its a boy but he barley did an ultrasound to even my sister says if the next time she goes to him and he tries to talk her into letting him take the baby that early she gonna see another doctor and never go to him again.shes already recomending to other women she knows in town who just found out there expecting not to go to sorry but that serves him right to loose business.he needs to take care of his pateints not be oh your blood pressure is doing good for so long and then oh its been bad for a long time if it had been whyd he say it was good and why didnt he put her on something.then hes not really listening to the babies heart beat and not takeing good ultra sound pictures to me hes just a crappy doctor trying to get money and doing nothing.sorry i hope he goes out of buisness.


  1. Well, I agree totally. Find another doctor. It's never too late. She should be getting full ultrasounds with photos to bring home and many opportunities to listen to her baby's heartbeat.

    I wouldn't let him do ANYTHING....he sounds like a quack to me. I've had 3 children and I've NEVER heard of this!

  2. I also suggest you guys find another doctor. He's super not worth it.