Friday, September 10, 2010


tomorrow is the aniversery of the terrorist attacks on September 11th.that was a very scary and horrible thing to of happened to American and the American people.i just got to say something.i am christian and i live in the good u.s.a and have all my life.i am like 5 or 6th generation born here from Ireland so you know.i just look at it and am like don't blame all Muslims for it.not all Muslims did it and not all of them believe it was right to do.i know Muslims who are ashamed of those people who call themselves Muslim yet did that terrorist attack.many Muslims believe in living in peace and letting others believe as they will and do as they will and not bother them.people even believe all Muslim women are treated bad by Muslim men but that is not true.i know Muslim men and women and the women are treated very well by the rally not all Muslims are the same.let me put it this way Christians did the crusades years ago.we killed innocent people for our religious you look at all Christians and blame them all for it?do you look at all Christians and say there evil?really most people don't because its not all of our fault and we aren't all is the same Principal for Muslim people.don't hate people who had nothing to do with it its not is a video my mom made about remembering 9/11 she will probably put it on her blog to.god bless all the people affected by the terrorist attack.

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