Saturday, September 11, 2010


first time iv ever recomended a movie on here but im going to now.if you have not seen constantine staring keanu reeves you really must see is about a guy who exercisms demons from people and half breed demons he sends back to hell.well he meets this woman who is a detective.her sister just killed herself.well she talks to constantine cuse she wants to know if her sister really killed herself or not.if her sister had she would be in hell if not she wouldnt constantine see that her sister is in hell.anyway a bunch of stuff starts looks like demons are trying to take over the constantine and his helpers along with this woman cuse she has some special abilities must stop this from happening.this is actualy a pretty good movie.i got it tradeing a book i had for it on my trade site called i dont know if you can find this on amazon but id seriously look if i was you.this is rated r but i think it should only be rated pg13 cuse it isnt all that bad.iv seen gorier r rated movies.iv also seen r rated movies with much more violence and other stuff than this one had.this was actualy pretty tame for an r rated movie.anyway you gotta pick this sucker up its so good.

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