Monday, September 13, 2010


a cpuple days ago was saterday.well there was this gathering of hot rods and handle bars people in our town.they were supposed to be at the bank next to the gas station mom works at.well when mom left work it was begining to get a bit busy with those people.she didnt think it be to big a deal.later that night mom and i went to go get lottery tickets from there and we drove past and you couldnt even get in the parking lot.they were all over and all drinking called the store and talked to the girls working.they were like yeah we called the cops a few times but these people keep saying they have permission by the owner to be here.we didnt know about this so were trying to get ahold of the owner and haveing problems doing so.well she tried to go help a while but she couldnt get in to help them.well when mom got home she called the owner and wouldnt give up till she got ahold of him and when she did he was like uh i didnt give anybody poermission to be partying on my parking mom said youll have to call the police and tell them that cuse these guys keep telling them that you did.well later she called the store again and the hot rods and handle bars guys were all gone.the cops had made them leave.i guess thats cuse the owner told them he did not give them permission.but yeah it was odd mseeing that many people in a parking of our town at one time.not even walmart has that many people in it was a nice day mom and i went to washington and we shopped at a store called shop around the corner.we also walked in target and we went to dollar tree.i bought a mark mcgwire comemeritive coin for dad.he loved it.i bought this at the store shop around the corner for 6 dollars.ast dollar tree i bought 2 fuzzy posters you color and some chocolate scented lotion and a soda and chips for the ride back today was bought a bunch of things.she got things for christmas presents for people.not much but she got some things.

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