Tuesday, August 3, 2010


first off its my eldists neice 15th birthday.i wont be seeing her for a while but i hope she has a great birthday.we got good news here to.my older sister the middle of us three girls is pregnant with her second as iv already told you.its due the 24th of december but will probably be taken on the 17th.anyway the doc is 80% sure its a girl.from the way the ultra sound looks it looks to be a little girl.doc says her heart rate is great and shes growing just as expected.since everything with the pregnany is going well it seems we will have a healthy little girl.thats all that matters is that shes healthy.i wanted the baby to be a boy but oh well as long as shes healthy it dont matter.im the aunt to 4 girls 1 boy if you add this new little one thats comeing.i feel sorry for my nephew hes the only guy besides dad and my bro in law in this family.he has two sister and lives with his mom hes got my mom as his grandmother hes got my sister whose pregnant and me as aunts and my sisters girl and now the new baby is a girl.so hes just surrounded by us females.the noble genes are very pushy.out of all my cousins which id say there close to 30 we got 7 boys if you dont count my nephew if you do its 8.so yeah our family is female ruled.well i hope all have a great day

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  1. Congrats to your sister! I hope she has a healthy happy little one....who knows maybe the docs will be wrong and it will turn out to be a boy after all! Congrats on being an Aunt again!