Thursday, July 29, 2010


some progression on going to dateing is going on with a friend of mine who is a potential boyfriend and me.well to me it seems it is.we are only chat friends but i do love him.iv made it clear im interested.hes made it clear he is to.hes doing the analyzing thing though.he wants to be sure he thinks we can do it.he doesnt want to hurt me or get hurt himself.i like that about him.ok i can see how the analyzing thing might get on my nerves from time to time but thats ok.see i do this thing of when hes saying bye i go hugs and kissess your cheek.well he normaly only does this hug hug thing.well today he said kiss's im thinking we might be progressing here.yes its a slow progression but maybe takeing it slow is a good thing.i would like to date him though.he really does seem like one great guy.he could take care of me financialy and he could take care of me emotionaly to.i think he would do everything in his power to keep me safe to if i was his girl.i know he could support me financial and spoil me to if he so wanted to.he has a good job and makes good money is how i know.i dont really care about the money just pointing out i would not be liveing off food stamps and liveing paycheck to paycheck.i personaly dont care how much money he makes which im not even sure how much he makes just enough to support me is all i know.i just rather be with him cuse his attitude his personality and the things hes into.we share a common intrest in reading alot of things plus a common intrest in watching history documentaries.we both live in our heads big time.he likes to write some and so do i.hes into other things im not that much into but im glad he is.i wouldnt be able to handle dateing someone exactly like that would drive me crazy and maybe make me homicidal to.there will be difficulties in our relationship if we get together i know relationship is all happy go lucky perfect.i dont expect this one to be.i know what the problems would be and i do belive i could handle them.there would be some magor adjustments for me if i were with him i grant you.yes that may cause some mood swings and tension but i do belive it could be done.every relationship you have to do some adjusting with to make it work.i feel comfortable in talking to him.hes the first person iv trusted so much that is not related to me since my best friend hyde and i started talking.i still feel this way for hyde it just hes been the only person i felt this way with.even my ex stephen i loved and felt things for but didnt trust as much and feel as comfortable being me when talking to him.anyway i hope this guy and i keep progressing with time to where we are a couple.i dont expect that to happen to quickly though.i am happy it has progressed this little tad bit though. i wouldnt want it to go to fast becuase that only means trouble in the end.wish me luck people.oh and please pray for my friend hyde.pray he wins this fight for his daughters well being. thanks all

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