Friday, August 13, 2010


theres been some stuff going on here that i have kept me made it to hard for me to write about any of it becuase my mind was my grandfather isnt doing to good or well wasnt.he was haveing times of not knowing alot of things and he was getting sick all over his house and not cleaning it yeah it was a problem.thankfuly he seems better now and a cousin of mine is working on becoming his legal grandfather is willing for that to happen if he gets to stay in his own home and things as long as hes cousin has agreed to that.i mean why make the old man leave his house if hes doing as the doctor tells him to and hes getting the help he needs in other ways and hes not so forgetful and everything with that seems to be going good now and im happy.another thing my moms only brother has been pretty sick.he went to the hospital cuse he was blocked up in the bowels.he had been for a long time.he has intestinal issues and has had them since he was a fact some of his intestants were replaced with platic by a doctor when my uncle was in his 20's or 30's and hes in his 60's yeah well they unblocked him by doing surgery.his area they cut him open at to get to his intestants got infected so they had to unstitch it and pack it.then he stated looseing blood internaly and they couldnt figuer out two days he had 6 units of blood put into him.finaly the bleeding stoped they think it was ulcers.well his infection got worse so they tested it again.the first time they tested it it hadnt come up with this.well when they tested it again it came up as ecoli.turned out the doctor had been putting his bare hands in the insision while paking and unpaking the one else had done the doctor had something on his hands and gave it to him.i dont know if my aunt will sue the doctor but i sure as hell would.sue him for the medical cost of going to the hospital and being under his care and then sue the hospital for letting a guy who doesnt wash his hands good work as a doctor in there hospital with sick betting with a lawyer show documents of what my uncle had and my aunt saying the doc was the only one to put his bare hands in and she had been there every day non stop since my uncle went in that theyd win big money from both doc and also sue them for the costs of a lawyer and cost of court thinking once the hospital lost so much money cuse of him theyd kick his ass out o there hospital.just got a phone call uncle is going back to the hospital hes bleeding internally again please do pray for him.i hope hell be ok.please lend your prayers to whatever god or whatever you belive in for my uncle donald

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