Wednesday, August 25, 2010


well today has been a productive day for me.i went to the bank and put money in my paypal acount then i ordered a couple gifts for people off was a liberty bell coin for dad for christmas the other things was a dorthy and toto from wizard of oz music box for my sister.they should like what them.then i also refilled water bottles and exercised today for a bit.finaly i cooked dinner while dad i have done plenty today.i have plenty to do tomorrow to.first im going to clean the main bathroom then ill dust mop the floors in the rest of the house then ill exercise some.then the next day im dusting my bedroom and the liveing room and writing the grocery list and going shopping.then on saterday i will fill water bottles again and dus the computer room and family the house should be pretty clean when im done with the chores this week.this should also keep me very busy.since mom is working alot and dads sleeping all day and working all night its up to me to do most the chores.which is fine.iv got to learn how to do them eventualy.well hope all are doing well take care

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