Friday, August 27, 2010


some documentary was being done in canada the people were takeing eyewitness statements about the apes theyd seen.they were even going in areas the people had seen it in.well the cops call the team whose investigating it and tell them some dude shot at one on his property and it had run into his barbed wire fence.this dude aprently lived near a wooded area and had chickens in an area and had barbed wire up so the bears wouldnt get in.anyway the dude saw it and thought it was some guy dressed in a suit trying to scare him.when he called out to it it through a rock at him. so he had his gun near by and shot at it. well it ran backwards and into the fence and then away from the fence and got outside the open gate to the yard.he does not know how the gate got open and did not see it open it.well he called the cops and the cops didnt see reason for them to investigate but they called the team that was doing investigations about the creature and told them about it.they got to the area fast and saw a blood train from the gate leading off into the they were exited and looked at the fence and found hair and blood on it.they carefuly took the hair and blood and sent them to some lab.some guy who was looking at the hair to try and identify it said it looked vagly like orangutan hair.well they did a dna test on the blood and it came out as an unknown primtate blood. so im happy as ever.this finaly gives a little bit more proof to the story that big foot is all of you who belive its possible you need to find whatever this show is on science chanle.its sorta like monsterquest but it isnt that its something else.its cool. the part of the woods was on the side of canada but the woods were spaning between alaska and canada.i think the guy was a part of some smaller village or something not sure.the hair and blood was sent to some canadian of the canadian scientists told the yeah really neat

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