Tuesday, August 24, 2010


my uncle has been in the hospital for a month.he is doing better now though.he was moved to the state hospital of michigan.they are treating him well.they have a bag on his incision since the bowel is leaking there.he needs to gain his strength before they remove his bowel intirly.that should take 3 to 4 months maybe longer.they are thinking of sending him home but sending a in home nurse with him.they think him being home with his family and pet would make a world of difference for him.he just cant do anything as in chores or anything.im glad hes doing better but it still sucks that he has to have his bowel removed.plus during the months hes healing he will have a feeding tube cuse he cant eat regular food with the bowel leaking.that sucks cuse he likes to eat and drink things.i guess if this is the only way hes going to get better then i hope thats what happens.maybe he will heal faster than they expect and gain strength faster than they expect and then they can take the bowel out sooner. so as you can see my family and i have been very worried about him.other news is my eldist neice is being a back talking mouthy little brat with her mom.she wants to spend time alone at the house with her boyfriend and her mom wont let her so shes throwing fits.then her mom says things they can do as a family and shes like we never do anything as a family.you guys do things as a family when im in trouble or we go to the boringest places that we have been to a million times before.we go places with her and the kids when its a family thing.so yes we go to places weve gone many times over. they are not boreing she enjoys being there when shes there.she even says spedning time over here at our house which is there grandparents house doesnt count.im like uh we spend time here and all visit and we have family meals at times and we spend the holidays here.how does this not count as a family thing?i guess to her it doesnt becuase she doesnt do much visiting she just sits and reads.thats her own fault though she could visit with people.i swear teenagers are a handful with the dateing thing.then again kids are a handful period.i understand teenagers better than i do younger kids but my god if i was in my sisters shoes with that one id be so mad.id probably make the girl scrub the bathroom with a toothbrush or something when she got real bad with me.i worry that girl is going to get herself pregnant young if shes not careful.she probably thinks that wont happen to me but it very well could.my sister has told her shes not gonna raise her kid if you have one your getting a job your not going to college youll be working crappy jobs to support your kid and highering a babysitter for when your at work.youll be the one sitting up at night when there sick and then go to work the next day.youll be the one changing diapers and potty training.youll be the one buying the cloths for it.so your opitions are abort raise it or put it up for adoption.the girl doesnt think abortion is right so shes only got the two other options but shes kinda off on adoption shes like so many kids dont get adopted and get treated like crap at those places.so yeah im just hopeing she doesnt have sex to young and gets pregnant.she needs to get an education not worry about feeding a baby and stuff.

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