Sunday, August 15, 2010


so my uncle had to go to emergency surgery this morning.the surgery lasted 4 hours.see they had done a colonoscophy on him and they found he was hemorrhaging in when they were doing surgery they found multiple pockets of infection.they said he is doing better now so it seems.this is a differnt hospital than the one he had been in that had done the surgery.the one that had done the surgery was just gonna let him die.he was bleeding internaly and they didnt really bother to see why they just gave him blood.then he got an ecoli infection cuse some doctor stuck his hand in a wound he had from surgery that had to be packed and repacked.other doctors did that to to pack and repack the wound but this doctor had bare hands when he did it instead of wearing gloves.none of the other doctors or nurses did he must of had something on his hands and had not washed them good when he went to unpack and repack the anyway my aunt has a case against this hospital and that im just hopeing they win alot of money.the money doesnt really matter besides it paying the hospital bills.the reason id like them to win big bucks is to proove to that hospital and that doctor you cant do that to a patient.that you have to look at every angle to see not just let them sit there dieing and do have to wash your hands thouroghly if you are going to put them in a patient or on a patient.maybe when they loose lots of money theyll get it in there heads about that cuse sometimes makeing people like them loose big amounts of money is the only way theyll learn.

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